Hermes gloves

Hermes gloves

Over the years, a pair of gloves has become much more than just a simple necessity to keep your warm in the colder months of the year. Especially for fashion lovers around the world, stylish pair of gloves has become an essential part of an outfit that brings everything together for a stunning and impeccable look.

For Hermes, the idea of adding gloves to their repertoire came from Emile-Maurice Hermès, who was the grandson of the company’s founder, Thierry Hermès. And, for many, he is the man who is responsible for following through with the fashion house’s visions.
In fact, in addition to making beautiful saddlery equipment, Emile-Maurice Hermes expanded the company’s operations into creating stylish fashion accessories such as gloves, scarves, watches and even jewelry.

There is no doubt about it that Hermes knows how to combine luxury with a relatable and modest style, as can be seen in their funny short clips launched during the released of the glove lineup for women.
Above all, Hermes aims to accentuate the dexterity of the brand’s abilities by sublimating their accessories with the finest details and creating a perfect harmony of luxury and sobering style.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Gloves 
Luxurious gloves have always been worn by those of high society. They’ve often even been found on the hands of royal personalities such as Queen Elizabeth II. Today, they can be found on almost any type of woman, whether it be a femme fatale, a regular working-class girl or even a biker chick looking for a more radical style.

At Joli Closet, you’ll find a wide selection of stylish second-hand gloves by Hermes. All the gloves found in our collection have been created through a refined process of expert craftsmanship, which has only been improved over the course of the years.
For those whole love the retro sixties look, Joli Closet has plenty of longer gloves that have been rejuvenated for 21st century style. And, if some of our gloves have a more feminine and glamorous look, others are more rugged and practical for everyday use.

Furthermore, our team of expert designers always takes their time to carefully inspect every pair of gloves before they are put up for sale on our site. This process is to ensure the authenticity, as well as the quality of each pair. Also, they take note of any minor defects that may be present to ensure an accurate description of the gloves.

Hermes Soya Gloves 
These beautiful Soya gloves are made of luxurious lambskin leather. They are perfect to cover the finest hands in style from wrist to the very tip of the finger nail. The gloves are beautifully adorned with adjusted plated in gold, giving them a touch of added elegance. Lambskin leather is known for its softness, as well as its durability, making these gloves the perfect high-end fashion accessory.
Their black color gives them a classic look, as well as being extremely elegant and fashionable. Also, the glove’s dark color gives them the ability to pair perfectly with almost any of your outfits. Available in size 7, these gloves are shipped in their original Hermes case.

Hermes Long Gloves 
Having gone out of style near the end of the 1950’s due to their bourgeois appeal, in recent years, long gloves have been coming back into style once again. And, with Hermès, they give a second layer of luxury to your physique, with a sense of practicality mixed with glamour.
The gloves suede material is not only comfortable, they will bring much needed warmth during the cold weather, as well as a sense of refined style to those who wear them.
Again, the glove’s black color presents their elegance and the pure simplicity of such a high-end fashion accessory. They’ll work to bring contrast and enliven the colors in any of your most stylish outfits.

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