Hermès Petit Carré Multiple colors

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brand: Hermes
model: Petit Carré
color: Multicolor
Material: silk
Inclusions: /
Dimensions: Height x Width : 40.5 cm x 40 cm
Serial number: NA
Country of origin: France
Retail price: 210,00€
Condition: B - good condition.
Easy and versatile, this iconic small-sized accessory can be worn in the hair, around the neck, or attached to a bag! With its versatility, it offers a multitude of possibilities to complement and personalize any outfit. Whether to add a touch of sophistication to a hairstyle, bring a pop of color to an ensemble, or enhance the style of a bag, THE 90-square scarf is the perfect accessory. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry everywhere, providing an elegant and practical solution to elevate your look on any occasion. With its varied patterns and color combinations, it allows you to create unique looks and express your personal style. Whether you're looking for a versatile addition to your wardrobe or a timeless gift, THE 45-square scarf will not disappoint.

Condition of the item :
The main body of the scarf exhibits an overall small scratch and a slight wrinkle, which are barely noticeable. however, what stands out is its slightly dull appearance. Additionally, there are some discolorations along the edges, adding to the scarf's worn-out look.
We recommend carefully examining all the photos before proceeding with your purchase to ensure your satisfaction with the condition of the item.

Brand : Hermès
Dimensions : height x width : 40.5 cm x 40 cm
Condition : Good condition 
Fabrics : Silk
Colors : Multiple colors
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