Hermès Hermes Rare green and blue Silk scarf 90cm (36") "Ex-libris" White Beige Olive green Eggshell Navy blue Light green Dark green Dark blue

$154 $160*

Carré Hermès called "Ex-libris" 90cm x 90cm in twill 100 % hand-rolled silk.
The secrets of this scarf unveiled by the house of Hermès: "Author of great classics of the house such as the famous Brides de gala, Hugo Grygkar composes this square in 1946. An ex-libris is a distinctive mark chosen by a bibliophile to personalize the works in his library.. EN 1923, Emile-Maurice Hermès chooses for this purpose a drawing by Alfred de Dreux (1810-1860) kept in his collection: Duc harnessed, bellhop waiting, which he puts on his initials EMH. From either side, a caduceus, attribute of the Greek god Hermes, symbolizes peace and business transactions. This design became the emblem of the house. Around this medallion, four elegant horse-drawn carriages are inspired by original drawings by coachbuilders in the Émile Hermès collection."

timeless accessory of the Hermès wardrobe, the square 90 is a must that is worn around the neck as well, only in belt, in headband or turban. Made in France. Fair condition because it has a few snags but which cannot be seen once the scarf is folded or rolled up, it deserves a good dry cleaning because of the small and large brands of makeup and others hence the low price, remember to specify to the dry cleaners that this is an article in 100% silk because there is no longer the composition label

Brand : Hermès
Dimensions : 90cm x 90cm
Condition : Correct condition 
Fabrics : Silk
Colors : White, Blue, Beige, Green, Olive green, Eggshell, Navy blue, Light green, Dark green, Dark blue
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Hello, is this item still available? Thanks -
Sarah C_8115
Hello, Yes it is available.
Is this the correct price? I would like buy it. I live i Rome. Thank you
Hello, Yes it is the correct price.
Hello, is it double face ? Thanks!
Hello, yes. It is printed on both faces.

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