Hermes scarf

Hermes scarf

The famous handkerchief was released as a tribute to honor the centennial anniversary of the famous fashion house. Since then, the handkerchief has become one of Hermès’ most emblematic creations. Right alongside bags from the Kelly collection, the silk handkerchief never fails to excite admiration wherever it’s found.
As an iconic creation from the Hermesfashion house, this delicate fashion accessory has proven its value time and time again. And, it can safely be said that the silk handkerchief is to Hermès, just as music is to Mozart.

Since day one, Hermeshas been a family-run business operating in the world of luxury. However, it was their perfectionist vision, as well as their resourcefulness to combine age-old tradition and modern fashion, that has allowed them to gain notoriety in the world of high-fashion.

Each and every silk handkerchief by Hermes is cut by hand, which adds a touch of elegance to an already prestigious work of art. After its initial release, the silk handkerchief was quickly adopted and made famous by many celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth, Jacky Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve and more recently, Madonna. From then to now, this scarf has not lost its charm and continues to seduce the desires of fashionistas from everywhere around the world.

Silk handkerchief by Hermesare timeless and transcend generations as family heirlooms that are sure fill your daughters and grand-daughters with pride as they wear them for the first time. Crafted by hand, these scarves convey tradition and are guaranteed to never go out of style. Many connoisseurs and influencers in the fashion world have even gone so far as to call the silk handkerchief the torch-bearer of French chic.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Silk handkerchief
If there’s one fashion accessory that proven the brand’s artistry of combining tradition with modern style trends, it’s the silk handkerchief by Hermes.
Bali Barret, otherwise known as Madame Hermes, was the mastermind who sought to revolution the scarf to further the legendary status of the French fashion brand. In terms of their shape, all square silk scarves look alike. However, to give them each a unique touch, the brand’s artistic director plays with their colors, patterns and even the manner in which they are fabricated.
Thanks to a balance of delicate tradition and modern tendencies, the silk handkerchief has established itself as a true fashion icon. It adheres to current trends, but with its classic touch, it will simply never go out of style. And, on a practical note, the silk handkerchief doubles as an emergency bandage and was often used by American soldiers during the Gulf War.
Today, Joli Closet offers you their collections of second-hand silk handkerchief by Hermès. As always, each one is authenticated by our experts who take note of every minor defect and many of our models are sold in their original orange boxes stamped with the famous Hermeslogo.
Below are two stunning pieces that can be found in a collection.

Hermes Cannon Wheel Handkerchief 
This stunning scarf depicts the standard cannon wheel used by the French army during the Napoleon era. Its pattern captivates the senses with the immaculate attention to detail found within each of the six cannon wheels stitched into the silk. Additionally, the cannon depicted at the center of the scarf is stitched with a perfection so minute that it could only be accomplished by the hands of a true master of fashion.

Hermes Cheval de Mer Silk Handkerchief 
The fashion house called on the artistic expertise of Christian Renonciat to create this stunning silk handkerchief which has been fittingly baptized as the “Cheval de Mer”.
The scarf depicts the image of a 16th century frigate and was created much in the same way as the famous “Pégase d’Hermès” by the same artist. The image makes use of a blue-grey color scheme drawn naturally from the scarf’s aquatic theme giving in an ambiance that you’ll want to drown yourself in.

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