ROLEX Submariner date blue( VIOLET) réf.16613 E series Mens


An authentic ROLEX Submariner date blue( VIOLET) réf.16613 E series Mens. The color is Blue. The outside material is Stainless steel. The pattern is Submariner date. This item is Vintage / Classic. The year of manufacture would be 1990.
[Model Number] 16613
[Year pattern] 1990: E series
[Specification] Material: stainless x18K yellow gold case and Oyster bracelet (Clasp Cord: V), windshield glass: Sapphire glass, Water Resistance: 300M, Movement: Chrono meter automatic, Dial: Blue (VIOLET) / Tritium night glow, Other: Date display, Reverse Rotating Prevention Rotating bezel
[Size] case diameter: approx.40MM, case thickness approx.13MM
[Condition] In '20 Nov, we finished our affiliated repair workshop, over hole and case and bracelet.
The Hand has a little damage, the night glow of the Hand and index is only bond tanned / darkened, and the minute Hand has slightly a little cracks, but it is almost unknown.
Some parts discoloration, rubbed, and minor scratches can be seen on the bezel surface.
The surface of the Crown is the finish of the past and then, I feel that the Crown mark is slightly lighter.
The bracelet has looses corresponding to the year pattern, but there are no scratches such as glass chipping or noticable.
[Attachment] box (with seal of inside outside * 15200), removed link (S) (full links)

[Remarks] It may be difficult to see in the image, but it shows blue depending on the corner degree and violet (purple) depending on the different corner degree.
As for the feeling that I actually saw, blue and violet receive about half (slightly many of violet) marks like.

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Rank: A
Period: 1990
Comes with: Box (with seal of inside outside * 15200), removed link (S) (full links)

Brand : Rolex
Condition : Very good condition 
Fabrics : Steel
Colors : Blue
Year / Collection : 1990
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