Céline Celine Khaki

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brand: Celine
color: Khaki
Material: Leather
Inclusions: /
Dimensions: height : 18 cmWidth : 22 cmdepth : 6.5 cmshoulder strap : to the main body 58 cm (list the longest if adjustable)
Serial number: NA
Country of origin: Italy
Condition: B - good condition.
The CELINE shoulder bag you mentioned is a stylish accessory, but please note that it shows some signs of wear and tear.
On the outside, There are minor scratches, which are normal with regular use. The bag may also have some light soiling and fading, indicating general wear. There might be some loss of shape, which can happen over time. Additionally, the metal plating on the bag is peeling, affecting its overall appearance.
The bottom of the bag has slightly worn corners and some small stains, which can be expected from regular use and placing the bag on various surfaces. The strap of the bag shows signs of wear as well, with slightly worn corners and a lightly soiled and faded appearance. There may also be some small stains and a slightly broken shape, reflecting its usage. Moving to the interior, there are slight scratches and some slight soiling. These signs of wear are normal and can be addressed with proper cleaning.
Despite the signs of wear, the CELINE shoulder bag remains a fashionable and functional accessory.

Brand : Céline
Dimensions : height : ~ 18 cmwidth : ~ 22 cmdepth : ~ 6.5 cmshoulder strap : to the main body ~ 58 cm (list the longest if adjustable)
Condition : Good condition 
Fabrics : Leather
Colors : Khaki
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