Organizer Louis Vuitton Agenda Cover Orange


BRAND: Louis Vuitton
model: Agenda cover
color: orange
Material: leather
Inclusions: /
Dimensions: W10cm x H14.5cm x D1.5cm
Serial number: ca0075
Country of origin: Spain
Retail price: 290,00€
Condition: AB - good condition.
Introducing the Louis Vuitton Day Planner Cover, a vibrant accessory in an appealing orange/mandarin hue crafted from durable Epi leather. This day planner cover seamlessly combines style and functionality, serving as an elegant organizer.
Assessing its current condition, the exterior reveals a smooth surface with slight rubbing, adding to its character and lived-in elegance. The metal fittings exhibit subtle scratches, contributing to their unique patina. Transitioning to the interior, traces of metal fittings, along with slight rubbing and a discernible stain, maintain an overall refined appearance. The pocket, displaying slight rubbing, adds to the cover's underconditiond charm. Notably, the corners bear signs of slight rubbing, enhancing their distinctive allure. The Louis Vuitton Day Planner Cover in Orange/mandarin, with its lively color and subtle signs of wear, stands as a stylish and enduring testament to both fashion and quality.
We recommend that you look at all the pictures before making your purchase to ensure that you are satisfied with the condition of the item.

Brand : Louis Vuitton
Dimensions : W10cm x H14.5cm x D1.5cm
Condition : Good condition 
Fabrics : Leather
Colors : Orange
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