Joli Closet's Terms of Service

This agreement sets forth the legally binding terms and conditions for your use of the website at and services provided by Joli Closet SASU, with a social capital of 50.000€, registered in Paris under the number 809 125 933 located at 41B rue Claude Terrasse 75016 Paris.

The member has accepted the terms of service by creating their account. Joli Closet may change the agreement with or without notice, at Joli Closet's discretion. Continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of the changes. The member is responsible for reviewing the agreement when using the website.

The user agrees to use the website in accordance with applicable laws and with respect to the following terms of service.


To become a member, the user must complete the sign up form.

The member must keep their account information accurate and up-to-date at all times.

The member's password is used to access our website. As such, it is strictly confidential and the member agrees not to disclose this information to any party other than Joli Closet.

The member agrees that Joli Closet cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from their failure to keep their password secure or by providing incomplete or inaccurate information.

Our services are only available to and may only be used by individuals who are 18 years or over.

The member agrees not to create multiple accounts without explicit written permission from Joli Closet.


Joli Closet will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your explicit consent.

The following personal information required by Joli Closet will not be disclosed to other users : surname, address, email, phone number, date of birth, nationality, bank details, identity documents.

The information that is visible to other users includes the member's: first name or username, profile picture, country, and a short personal description. The member's profile may include information regarding the member's activity on Joli Closet.

After signing up the member may choose not to receive commercial offers from Joli Closet or third parties. Simply send an email to or contact our customer service.

Joli Closet's database is declared to the "Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés" (CNIL) under the declaration number 1845071. Personal data required by Joli Closet is used to provide the necessary information needed by the proposed services as well as improving these said services.

The website may use "cookies" to enhance user experience. If users choose to disable cookies the website will not function optimally.

Joli Closet may disclose information not linked to any personal identification information to authorized third parties using third party cookies.

The user accepts that Joli Closet retains all data and records concerning their activity on the website.

The user accepts that Joli Closet modifies provided item images and uses them in order to maximise their exposure.

The user also accepts that Joli Closet promotes some of the items listed on the website.


The user ensures that the provided description and images of their item, including any damage, is complete, truthful, and accurate.

You may not exchange personal information or try to communicate outside of the provided communication tools of the website.

Users shall not harass, stalk, harm, threaten, or otherwise engage in abusive behavior towards other users.

Users shall not denigrate Joli Closet or services provided by Joli Closet in any manner that could harm Joli Closet's reputation.

The user shall use the website and make transactions in good faith and sould not try to deceive Joli Closet or other users.

Joli Closet reserves the right to moderate and suppress user comments that do not conform with the Terms of Service.

Joli Closet may restrict, suspend or terminate the use of or access to the website without notice to any user in breach or attempting to breach the Joli Closet terms of service without any compensation.


Joli Closet provides services allowing users, through Joli Closet's mediation, to interact - with the purpose of buying or selling items.

Products listed on the website are pre-owned fashion items and accessories (handbags, clothing, shoes, jewelry) from its members, Joli Closet's own pre-owned items and new items from partner brands.

Members listings items to be purchased by other members are designated as "Sellers".

"Buyers" are members buying an item on the website.


Items for sale are described in the product pages created with the information provided by the Sellers.

Joli Closet reserves the right to modify the item description if it contains incorrect information, misspellings or errors in categorisation.

Sellers agree to describe their items in the most accurate manner possible, to send self-taken pictures and not try to deceive buyers in any way.

Sellers agree to only list items that they have the legal right to sell and that are available immediately. Sellers can remove items from the website at anytime before an order is placed.

The seller agrees that the descriptions are accurate and that the listed items are free from the following defects : unremovable stains, holes and/or tears, unpleasant odours.

The seller agrees to send clean and ironed items to Joli Closet in the case of a sale. Joli Closet may charge cleaning and ironing fees if items require these services.

Items that do not pass the quality control checks performed by Joli Closet will not be sent to the Buyer. Shipping fees related to the item's return are the responsibility of the Seller.

Beauty products must be in their original packaging. Some beauty products require explicit distribution licenses, these items are prohibited from the website.

The seller takes full responsibility for listing a product that is unauthorized for resale.

Lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear must be new and unworn.

The seller agrees to inform Joli Closet in a timely manner if a listed item is not available anymore.

Joli Closet will remove the item from the catalog as soon as the information is provided by the seller. Joli Closet reserves the right to retain unavailable items on the website. These items will be outlined as unavailable.

The member agrees not to proceed in any transactions involving counterfeit goods or illegal items.

Read our detailed .

Item descriptions are verified and Joli Closet reserves the right to request additional proof of authenticity. If in doubt Joli Closet may refuse the item listing.

Members agree to inform Joli Closet if they come across inauthentic items on the website.

Sellers listing inauthentic, counterfeit or prohibited items on the website will have their account suspended for 6 months. In the case of recidivism their account will be suspended for 5 years.

Counterfeiting is punishable by law, with up to 3 years imprisonment, and up to a €300,000 fine.

Joli Closet verifies all sold items physically at one of Joli Closet's facilities.

In some cases items will be verified by representatives of the brands, and in the case of a counterfeit they will be destroyed without any compensation for the seller.

In other cases the seller will be able to retrieve at the address provided by Joli Closet or will pay for the item to be returned to them.

In the case of a counterfeit good or a forbidden item being sold, or an item being seized by the authorities after the item has been sold, the seller will have to refund the total sum of the money involved in the transaction as well as the eventual shipping expenses.

The seller agrees that items that do not pass quality control, and are not recovered by the seller after four months become the property of Joli Closet, who will proceed to destroy the item or redistribute it to a non profit organization. The seller will not be entitled to any compensation.

The seller will indicate a listing price proposal in the product description subject to Joli Closet's approval.

Excessively high prices (in accordance with current supply and demand) will not be accepted, as well as excessively low prices in order to discourage the sale of counterfeit goods.

The seller may indicate the buying price or the retail price. This price is not verified by Joli Closet and is published for information purposes only.

The seller will provide one or more pictures of the item they wish to list. These pictures should be self-taken, precise, of good quality, sharp and unaltered.

The product information (description, pictures, price) is submitted to Joli Closet for validation.

Joli Closet reserves the right to refuse an item from a seller before it is listed on the website if it doesn't correspond to our selection policy.

Upon validation, Joli Closet will send an email to the seller with the information regarding the price and Joli Closet's commission.

Fees from Joli Closet are applied to the selling price including taxes, they are the following :

  • 18% plus a fixed amount depending on the source of the item of € 8 for France, € 15 for Europe (excluding United Kingdom) and € 30 for the rest of the world.

For example for a product sold 1000 euros: 195 euros commission if the product comes from Europe (excluding United Kingdom) or 210 euros if the item comes from United Kingdom

Joli Closet members registered before January 06, 2017 have a reduced rate of 10% with the same fixed (8 €, 15 € or 30 € depending on the origin of the article). This reduced rate is linked to the account created by the member and is not transferable.

Joli Closet members registered before February 1, 2019 have a reduced rate of 15% with the same fixed (€ 8, € 15 or € 30 depending on the source of the item). This reduced rate is linked to the account created by the member and is not transferable.

Joli Closet may change the fee calculation rules at any time.

Joli Closet will only take commission if the item is sold.

In the event of promotions or in order to make a product price more attractive or suitable in regards to the current market, Joli Closet may propose price adjustments in agreement with the seller. The price change will take effect only after agreement from both parties.

The seller may add or change information on their item listings. All the modifications are subject to Joli Closet's approval.

In case of a price modification the seller accepts the new listing price on the website as well as Joli Closet's associated commission.

The seller agrees to regularly visit the website to monitor their account activity.

When a buyer asks a question on an item, the seller has 48 hours to respond. In the case of absences the seller must inform Joli Closet or update their profile accordingly.

Joli Closet reserves the right to cancel a transaction and to unlist items after 10 days without seller response to Joli Closet's messages.

When an item is sold, the seller receives a notification by email in order to send the item to Joli Closet for quality and conformity control.

The seller will strive to send the item within 48 hours of the confirmation of the sale and up to a maximum of 5 working days.

Joli Closet declines all responsibility regarding any damage or loss during the item's shipment to Joli Closet.

The seller agrees to take care in preparing the delivery by using adequate, opaque, and protective wrapping. All items must be sent using the "Delivery with Signature Required" option. The proof of shipping must be kept for 2 months after the shipping of the item.

The seller agrees to give Joli Closet the authority to accept the buyer's order, and to collect in the name of the seller the funds paid by the buyer for the sold item(s) and to transfer to the seller the price of the sold item, with the deduction of commission and any extra fees, as described in previous articles. No interest will be due during the temporary immobilization of the funds collected during the transaction.

The seller will be paid by wire transfer or by their MangoPay wallet. The seller must provide their IBAN. Please consult Mangopay's Terms of service available here.

If the seller has sold more than the value of 1000 euros in 12 consecutive months we will require a valid proof of identity. Without this document we will be unable to execute the payment. For sellers outside of the European Union, a proof of identity is required from the first euro sold.

In the event of an item returned from a buyer relating to counterfeit goods or forbidden items, the seller will be required to refund the received funds for this transaction to the buyer. No compensation will be given to the seller for the rightfully returned items.


Orders are exclusively made on the website. After placing an order, the buyer is obliged to pay for the item.

The buyer adds the item(s) they wish to buy to their shopping cart.

Information regarding the items are available on the items detailed descriptions, in particular the item's country of origin.

The shipping cost is calculated in regards to the item's price and its current location. You can see shipping costs from the shopping cart.

Joli Closet reminds buyers that customs duty and shipping fees in certain countries may be applied upon the parcel's reception.

The buyer is responsible for the total sum of any customs duty.

The order will be effective once Joli Closet has received the item and the item has successfully passed the quality control procedure. Joli Closet reserves the right to cancel an order in the case of non reception or non-conformity of an item.

The buyer must provide all necessary information required for shipping.

Despite all of Joli Closet's precautions, it is possible that the ordered item is in fact unavailable. In this case Joli Closet will cancel the order and refund the buyer within 5 days.


Shipping is provided by a licenced shipping company approved by Joli Closet. The buyer is required to fill in their delivery address accurately, to provide their phone number and any other information needed to ensure smooth transportation.

Joli Closet and the shipping company will not be held responsible for a failed delivery due to an incorrect shipping address.

In the case of a consigned item Joli Closet will indicate a shipping date estimation in the item's description.

For other items, shipping delays depend on the time taken by the seller to ship their item to our office for quality control. Joli Closet reserves the right to cancel any transaction for an item not sent to our office within two weeks of the order. The buyer will be able to cancel any transaction for any item not sent to Joli Closet's office within 3 weeks of the transaction. The seller will not be entitled to any form of compensation.

The buyer will verify the condition of the item immediately upon reception before signing the transport receipt and informing Joli Closet of any signs of non-compliance (missing item, damage, etc).

It is also possible for the buyer to make an appointment to come and pick up their item at Joli Closet's office. In this event there are no shipping fees.


8.1 Undelivered item

The buyer can cancel an item transaction in the case of an undelivered item within 30 days of the ordering date.

The refund will be completed within 14 days of the reception of the cancellation.

In the case of the reception of the item by the buyer after the cancellation, the return shipping fees from the buyer's location to Joli Closet's facility will be provided by Joli Closet.

Items must be sent back to the following address : Joli Closet 10 rue Boileau 75016 Paris France.

8.2 Non-conformity

In the case of the non-compliance of an item received by the buyer compared to the item's description and depiction, the buyer will contact Joli Closet by email within 2 days and provide Joli Closet with all proof of the non-compliance (pictures, videos) needed to validate the claim.

All returned items must have their quality control label attached and sealed for the transaction to be eligible for a refund.

Items must be returned with their original packaging and the use of the item should not exceed what is perceived as necessary to assess the compliance of the item. Upon the item's reception and Joli Closet's validation of the non-compliance, the buyer will be refunded within a maximum of 14 days.

Joli Closet will cover the return shipping fees.

Items must be sent back to the following address : Joli Closet 10 rue Boileau 75016 Paris France.

8.3 Returns

8.3.1 Professional sellers

Items sold by professional sellers can be returned within 14 calendar days. The buyer has 14 days to ship the item to Joli Closet from the date of the notification of their decision.

Items must be returned with their original packaging and the use of the item should not exceed what is perceived as necessary to assess the compliance of the item. Upon the item's reception and Joli Closet's validation of the non-compliance, the buyer will be refunded within a maximum of 14 days.

Joli Closet will provide a standard return shipping label.

All returned items must have their quality control label attached and sealed for the transaction to be eligible for a return.

No return is possible on the following items : underwear, swimwear or any item with it's hygiene protection seal removed after reception.

Items must be sent back to the following address : Joli Closet 10 rue Boileau 75016 Paris France.

8.3.2 Individual sellers

No return is possible.

8.3.3 Courtesy return buyer's conditions

Some individual sellers offer a courtesy return on certain items, the following mention will be present on the item's description : eligible to courtesy return without this indication the item is not returnable

Your return request has to be transmitted 48 hours at most after the reception on the item, you have to ship the item at your expense at most 4 days after reception.

The item has to be sent to Joli Closet at the following address :
Joli Closet
10 rue Boileau
75016 Paris

Upon reception the item will be verified to ensure that it's condition did not change and that the sent elements are all present and that the Joli Closet's control tag is still attached.

Courtesy Return will not be accepted if the condition has changed or one element is missing or the Joli Closet control tag has been removed. If the return is refused the shipping costs to recover the item will be at the buyer's expense.

8.3.4 Courtesy returns seller's conditions

Courtesy returns is available to sellers selected by Joli Closet at our sole discretion.

Joli Closet can revoke this option without notice.

Items returned respecting the conditions of article 8.3.3 will lead to a transaction cancellation

Payments of items eligible to a courtesy return are delayed until the end of the return eligibility period.

After a return, the item will be stored at Joli Closet's facility for 3 month and relisted on the website. If the item is still unsold after this 3 month Joli Closet will return the item to the seller, this return does not apply to items under a consignement agreement. If the seller want's to retreive the item before the end of this period they will support the return shipping fees.


The website is operated by Joli Closet, Joli Closet will do its best to correct any malfunctions brought to Joli Closet's attention.

Joli Closet does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted access to the website.

Items listed on the website are not Joli Closet's property unless otherwise specified. Joli Closet is an intermediary between members of the website.

Joli Closet controls the conformity of the sold items according to their description and depiction and will not be held responsible for the buyer's dissatisfaction regarding aesthetics or functionality.


The following terms of service are subject to French law.

In the case of disputes between a member and Joli Closet, Paris is the only competent jurisdiction.


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