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Chanel wallets and Chanel clutch

In the world of high fashion, Cambon Street is known to be where the modern era of style first began. It’s where Coco Chanel first opened her boutique and attempted to heal a post-war world with her innate sense of style, beauty and luxury. Also, it was here, at the insistence of her lover, Capel, that Mademoiselle Chanel decided to start dressing others with the style that she had always worn. Since then, the brand has always held on to a contemporary touch as it was Chanel’s original goal to completely revolutionize the world of fashion by centering it around the joys of life and exquisite beauty. Chanel products rid fashion of its puritanism while searching for a softer style that further complements and enhances feminine beauty. Always modern and sometimes even ahead of its time, Chanel has always pushed the envelope when it came to the rules of fashion.

Originally, Chanel launched itself into the world of high fashion by creating elegant headwear. However, a decade later in 1920, the brand already begun offering a full range of clothing and accessories, of which, their leather goods were a best-seller.
By successfully integrating leather goods into the world of luxury fashion, Chanel managed to complete her goal of liberating women from what was expected of them and their style. Soon, the large purses and bags that used to distract from a women’s figure gave way to smaller lambskin wallets that added to and enhanced it.
Today, Chanel strives to reinforce their client’s personal styles by improving every detail of a woman and offers everything from tablet cases to wallets, card-holders, make-up kits and much more.

Second-Hand Leather Goods by Chanel

For a few years, Joli Closet has been a leading provider of “like new” products from big name brands at reduced prices. You’ll love our collection of day-planners, purses, wallets, card holders and other leather goods by Chanel. On our site, you’ll be able to choose from a massive selection of elegant leather goods made from either lambskin, caviar leather, or several other premium materials. On all our accessories, you’ll find the classic double C of the mythical brand which will testify to your exquisite and superior taste.
At Joli Closet, we share in your love of refined style and ensure that our products are always like new and not tainted by even the slightest imperfection. For this, our professional team always authenticates our products and assures that they are in perfect condition before having them shipped out to you.
In our collection of second-hand leather goods, you’ll find these two pieces that we are particularly proud of: a Chanel iPad case adorned with camellia flower patterns and a blue-green leather diary cover in supple leather.

Chanel iPad Case with Camellia Pattern

This is an exceptional piece that is both beautiful and rare. Made of black leather, this iPad case is delicate and covered in a camellia flower pattern with the classic double C’s in the center of each flower. The C’s are printed in metallic gold and adorn both the back of the case, as well as being printed above the clasp, adding elegance and prestige to an already stylish piece.

Blue-Green Diary Cover in Leather

This is a piece that transcends time due to the quality of its leather, as well as its retro color which gives it a vintage appeal. With a solid color, the cover opens and closes just like a regular notebook and you’ll easily be able to keep your notes and secrets store safely inside. Furthermore, the golden clasp in the shape of the brand’s double C’s creates the perfect contrast to the blue-green color of the piece.

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