Chanel Watch

Chanel Watch

The world of Chanel products covers a wide range of jewelry and other elegant feminine accessories. Amongst these are stunning watches that combine both class and timelessness. However, during her lifetime, Coco Chanel herself, was not very interested in feminine time pieces. Still, this did not stop the brand’s craftsmen and designers to bring watchmaking skills to the fashion world. And, over time, Chanel watches have refined to conquer the hearts of fashion lovers who indulge themselves in the world of luxury.

Wonderful Used Watches from Chanel at Affordable Prices
It’s been almost thirty years since the very first watch was released by the famous fashion house located on Cambon Street in Paris. This first model was met with unprecedented success and other models such as the Mademoiselle and the J12 were soon to follow. Today, Chanel watches have indelibly woven their way into the history books and can be found on the wrists of all those who have a more refined sense of style. Almost loyal to tradition, Chanel watches from the “Premiere” collection feature a lens cover made of stunning sapphire, which is prized by watchmakers around the world for its durability and resistance to scratches. With our huge selection of affordable Chanel timepieces, you’ll also find several watches from the J12 collection, which have become the most popular collection due to their sporty style and unisex appeal. You’ll even find watches from the J12 collection on the wrist of movie stars such as Catherine Deneuve, Hugh Grant, Johnny Hallyday and Kanye West. With Joli Closet, our collection of second-hand timepieces by Chanel are always guaranteed to be in perfect condition. Furthermore, our team of designers always inspects every timepiece to ensure that the piece is in fact an authentic Chanel product.

Stainless Steel Watches by Chanel
With a sapphire lens, the classic stainless-steel watch by Chanel takes on a look of elegance and has been met with even more success than the first watches released by the brand. It’s grey and silver color scheme work in harmony and complement the architectural perfection of its design. On the watch face you’ll find the Chanel name proudly displayed, as well as the mention of “Swiss” to remove all doubts as to the origin of the watches’ Quartz crystal. The watch was designed to withstand pressures of up to 30-meters deep and can easily be worn for every day style. This watch is sold with a convenient travel pouch and is met to fit wrists that are between 16 and 17 cm in size.

The 3mm Full Diamond Watch from the J12 Collection
Over the years, the J12 has become the emblem of Chanel’s watchmaking departments. To say that this watch is mythical would be an understatement. Since day one, this watch has revolutionized the watchmaking world with the use of its avant-garde materials and ultra-chic design. The 3mm J12 watch features an inner quartz crystal that’s powered by a small watch battery. And, in addition to displaying the time, J12 watches also displays the date at the bottom right corner of the watch face. Luxurious in every aspect of its design, the watch’s sapphire crystal lens is surrounded by elegantly set diamonds. Furthermore, a delicately placed seal ensures that the watch is airtight and can be worn for every day style and even for days spent by the pool. Its wrist band is adjustable and is meant for wrists that are around 16.5 cm in size. Regardless, you can always remove the wrist band and replace it with any other type of fabulous wrist bands from the Chanel collection.

The Mademoiselle in Gold
At first glance, your eyes will instantly be drawn to this watch’s stunning 18 carat gold watch face. Romans numerals indicate the hour and are delicately set in black that gives the watch a glaring visual contrast. This rare model has an anti-shock lens and comes with a woven black leather wrist band. With its stunning contrast and chic style, this watch is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to your outfits.

The Mini Chanel from the Premiere Collection
To properly protect the high-precision quartz crystal inside this mini watch, Chanel’s designers gave it a stainless-steel casing and then set in 52 dazzling diamonds to finish the piece. The elegantly set diamonds give the watch an ultra-luxurious look and has elevated this timepiece to the status of a high-end fashion accessory. Made of ceramic, the watch’s wrist band gives it a unique appeal that fits perfectly in the Premiere collection by Chanel. Additionally, the watch is sold with its gorgeous black storage case, which is in itself a work of art.

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