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Hermes bag

Our collection of Hermes bags for women is rooted in the evocative world of high-fashion and speaks of nothing less than cultural refinement. We offer a wide selection of bags that include designs such as the Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, Hermes Constance and Hermes Evelyne. Each one is completely unique and hand-selected for you which guarantees both elegance and style.

Every single one of our Hermes bags is an original piece that is created to highlight the beauty and delicacy of a woman. For this, Hermes uses only the highest quality materials such as crocodile skin, which only adds to a women’s style and personality.
The designers of the Hermes brand guarantee authenticity and scrutinize each and every single bag to ensure there are no defects. This assures the level of quality that our customers deserve and in addition to quality, we do our best to provide the rarest bags on the market, which means that their value will only appreciate with time. Joli Closet is there for you to help guide you through this exclusive world of fashion. We provide you with a diverse selection of Hermes bags to choose from and offer savings of up to 70%. Quality is a keyword for Joli Closet and all our Hermes bags are presented in “like new” condition, which means that whoever buys our bags will not even be able to tell that their bag was ever used before.

Used Hermes Bags
Hermes is a well-known name in the world of high-fashion and luxury accessories. Since its creation in 1837, the company has gained worldwide notoriety by offering only the best in leather fashions and accessories. The power behind this exclusive brand-name comes from the fact that they do not follow what is currently trending in fashion. Instead, they prefer to anticipate and mold new trends, which allows them to create elegance and style as if it were an art form.

The Hermes Collection for Women
Over the years, Hermes bags have become known as avant-garde fashion accessories that are renown for their vintage styles and rare designs made from crocodile skin, traditional leather or other unique types of material. Our large selection is diverse and varied, yet always refined and includes bags from the Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, Hermes Constance and Hermes Evelyne line-ups, as well as many more.

Our Three Most Popular Collections
• Hermes Birkin for Women
The Birkin is one bag from the Hermes line-up that is worth much more used than it is new. In fact, in 2016, this bag set a world record when it sold at auction for €267,000. Its elegance is clearly priceless and as can be seen, its value and rarity only increase with time. The Birkin series is not only a symbol of womanhood, but it also doubles as an investment.

The Birkin is a labor of love created with both originality and expertise. Each bag is entirely hand-made by expert craftsmen and takes about 25 hours of meticulous labor to complete. The Birkin comes in a variety of different colors and materials which include suede, leather, crocodile and even ostrich skin. Furthermore, the bag’s handles allow it to be used as a handbag which can be worn at the elbow or on the wrist. The Birkin is a very practical bag that is suitable for active women who desire a little bit more elegance in their lives. It is available in several different sizes that range from 25cm to 55cm and has made itself known as a must-have for women everywhere around the world. The Birkin has also proven that it is capable of outliving and surpassing many other fashion trends. Only available on order, it may take several months or even years to get one of these quality bags as brand new.

To date, the Birkin has been a best-seller in France and is prized by many celebrities such as Linda Evangelista, Sienna Miller, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Victoria Beckham also proudly shows off her collection of Birkins, which she owns in a wide variety of different colors and styles.

• Hermes Kelly for Women
Created by the company’s founder, Thierry Hermes, in 1892, the Kelly is undoubtedly one of his most mythical creations and is surely a torchbearer for the entire Hermes line-up.

At first, this bag was designed for horse riders to help them carry their equipment, but then in 1935, it was revisited by Robert Dumas-Hermes for a complete makeover. The bag was re-worked to reduce its size and give it a more feminine appearance. Then, it wasn’t until 1956, when actress Grace Kelly used her bag to hide her pregnancy while exiting an airplane that things really started to take off. After that, the Dumas-Hermes brothers decided to re-name the bag the Kelly.

The Kelly uses a characteristic closure of two leather straps with a small padlock and the bottom of the bag is protected against wear and tear by four separate nails. The bag is available in an abundance of colors, comes in 20 different materials, of which, leather is the best-seller and can be found in eight different sizes ranging from 15cm to 50cm in width.

The Kelly combines both elegance and flexibility, all while remaining simple and sobering. For years, Grace Kelly was the biggest and most-renown user of the bag. However, now, the torch has been taken up by Victoria Beckham who owns an impressive collection of it-bags.

• Hermes Evelyne for Women
The Evelyne first saw the light of day in 1978 and was created by Evelyne Bertrand, the artistic director at Hermes, who set out to design a bag specifically for equestrians.

Initially, the ever-practical bag was designed to allow equestrians to store dirty grooming equipment, which is why it was designed with aeration holes in it in the shape of the letter H. The bag also has a long strap which allows it to be carried over the shoulder. It didn’t take long for the bag to gain prominent success and since then, it has been redesigned as a messenger style bag for active women in the city.

Little by little, the Evelyne has continued to evolve into a bag that is meant for everyday use and has given birth to other models such as the Evelyne II and the Evelyne III. The bag has been entirely transformed with the addition of extra pockets according to the bag’s serial number (Evelyne II or Evelyne III). The bag’s shoulder strap has also been made into an adjustable strap, which makes it much more convenient and practical.

The Evelyne is primarily made of Clemence bull leather and is available in two different sizes and many different colors. The bag is held shut by a simple pressure tab and its finishes are made of silver-palladium with a screen-printed H on them.
Both practical and elegant, the Evelyne remains one of Hermes’ number one bags on the market.

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