Hermes accessories

Hermes accessories

From Joli Closet comes a stunning collection of Hermes accessories for women that speak of nothing less than total luxury.
For nearly 200 years, this fashion brand has dress kings and queens, and men and women of noble ranks from everywhere in the world. Accessories crafted by Hermes show the brand’s desire to illuminate their clientele and shine a light on their true personalities.

Whether it’s their small leather accessories, jewelry, scarves, gloves or hats, the Hermes collection at Joli Closet is guaranteed to enhance your image by dressing you in elegance and refinement of the highest nature.
Celebrate your uniqueness and boost your seduction powers by making use of the one-of-a-kind originality brought to you by Hermes fashions and accessories.
Having started their business crafting leather saddles and harnesses for horses, Hermes has long since extended their craftmanship from leather and steel to other noble materials such as crocodile skin, gold, silver and many more.

With this, the brand has given themselves the ability to sublimate your personality by ennobling it with the intrinsic quality of their materials, as well as their unrivaled craftsmanship.
Joli Closet would like to be your favorite only shop to give you a look into the world of luxury and high-end fashion. We never stop working to bring you authentic second-hand works from the worlds most luxurious brands, such as Hermes, at reduced prices.

With our team of seasoned professionals, each piece is meticulously examined to ensure that there are no defects present whatsoever. Furthermore, we never compromise on quality or uniqueness and our team also ensures that the pieces in our collection will perfectly relate to the stylistic demands of our clientele.
Just like their belts that were commercialized at the beginning of the 19th century, or even their watches from the Erneto and Kelly collection created in 1928 and 1975 respectively, every piece from the mythical brand are works of art that are sure to increase in value over the years. Therefore, they are just as much an investment into your own personal comfort and style as they are an investment for your bank account.
More than just our motto, the satisfaction of our clientele is always held as our top priority. We take pride in giving you piece of mind when buying luxury accessories by taking care of all the details for you. We always ensure to bring you accessories in mint condition and for us, a price reduction does not mean that our products are of a lesser quality. Therefore, no one other than you will be able to tell that your brand-new accessories are second-hand products.
Joli Closet ensures to redesign your looks, as well as your personality.

Hermes Second-Hand Accessories
Since its creation back in 1837, Hermes has indelibly left a mark on the world of fashion, but more specific on the luxury industry. Therefore, it can easily be said that the exceptional quality of their products has always known how to arouse the interest of their loyal clientele.
To remain a leading name in the world of luxury, Hermes has regularly called upon a variety of talents from around the world. These professionals have always been ahead of the time and have known how to take the desires of their clients and create products that suit them perfectly. And, it’s no secret that being a trend-setter in the fashion industry is necessary to a brand’s survival and has been the way in which brands are able to build their reputation and keep their customers coming back for more.
Hermes works to cultivate happiness by giving us the opportunity to dress ourselves in rare fashions that accentuate the colors and shapes of our lives.

Hermes Luxurious Women’s Accessories
Founded on the principles of high-quality craftsmanship, Hermes perpetuates their desire for elegance through the purity of the materials used to create their accessories. Their products have always been considered as works of art and are sure to appreciate over the course of the years. The avant-garde style of the accessories, the nobility of the materials and the finesse of their craftsmen combine to make timeless pieces that will live on forever.
Today, the power to enhance a women’s femininity falls into the hands of very few brands in the industry. With their stunning motifs and unique designs, Hermes works tirelessly to remain a leader in the world of luxury fashion accessories for women.
Joli Closet’s massive selection of second-hand products consists of belts from the Kelly collection, handkerchiefs, as well as an abundance of used leather accessories from Hermes. Let’s look at 3 of our collections.

Second-Hand Belts for Women for the Kelly Collection
As a tribute to the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, who so dearly love Hermes fashion products, all the belts sporting the famous Kelly buckle were baptized with her name in the 60’s.
The belts from the Kelly collection are held together by pivoting clasp that helps keep the belt wrapped snuggly around your hips. The buckle can be found on all the belts in the collection and work to make the belts adjustable to match any waist size.
While the belt’s gold buckle gives it charm and charisma, the clean lines and the shape of the cut work to testify to the brand’s know-how when it comes to style and fashion. These belts come in a variety of different colors and are typically for waists between the sizes of 70 and 90 cm. Furthermore, they are all hand-made giving them the appearance of being created by some sort of magical craftsman.
Kelly belts required a massive amount of labor intensive hours and are crafted from materials such as leather, suede and lambskin, however, they can also be found made of other rarer materials such as ostriche skin and even crocodile leather.
Kelly belts by Hermes are favored by countless stars around the world, who believe the cuts and styles of these belts honor their social ranks. They are ideal for those who are looking to add a certain rigidity to their style such as businesswoman.
These belts are sure to please you, just as they have the thousands of other women who’ve worn them before you and have managed to arouse interest in all those who surround them during their social outings.

Hermes Women’s Handkerchiefs
Since its initial release back in 1937, the handkerchief by Hermes has become one of the flagship accessories known to the brand. It has become a symbol for the brand just like its horse-drawn carriage logo or the Kelly and Birkin handbags.
More than 1,500 different series have been created and it’s estimated that there is at least one handkerchief sold every thirty minutes somewhere in the world. Therefore, to say that this product is loved by the brand’s customers would be an understatement.
Hermes was one of the first brands to begin blurring the lines between art and fashion. And, with the help of a variety of artists from around the world, Hermes continues to create stunning handkerchiefs that are perfect to keep in your pocket, tie around your neck or waist, and they can even be worn as a top for your outfit.
Furthermore, handkerchiefs by Hermes can also be combined with other fashion accessories and make an excellent addition to tie around your shoes, handbag or briefcase.
In the world of fashion, Hermes has developed a universe filled with rich colors, styles and beautiful pictograms. More than just a fantasy, Hermes has a desire to turn each one of their customers into a stunning piece of art to allow them to stand out in a sea of human similarities.
As for their conception, the company has traditionally used regular silk for their handkerchiefs. However, more recently, they have distinguished themselves by using other materials such as cashmere, muslin, jersey silk, just to name a few. Also, these materials are often used in combination depending on the style and the design of the individual piece.
With themes such as the world of equestrianism, animals, the Napoleon era, automobiles and classic art, the designs are printed on silk which gives them the illusion of being a 3D image that is sure to captivate anyone’s attention. You’ll be amazed by the stunning colors used on these handkerchiefs since Hermes uses a color chart that is comprised of no less than 75,000 different color shades.
Traditionally, handkerchiefs by Hermes come in a 90 cm X 90 cm format. However, in 2007, they began printing handkerchiefs in a 70 cm X 70 cm size to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this mythical fashion accessory.
The handkerchiefs by Hermes found on Joli Closet are always sold in a like-new state and our professional designers ensure that they are free from defects and that their colors are as fresh as the day they were printed.

Hermes Women’s Leather Accessories 
Leather accessories have been the lifeforce of the Hermes brand, who started out making saddles in the beginning. Then, while building his family’s company, Thierry Hermes noticed a need for refinement and finesse in the saddles, stirrups, harnesses and other types of equestrian accessories.
With nearly 200 years of experience, the brand has perfected their art and has since expanded their use of steel and leather to other exotic materials such as suede, crocodile, lizard and ostriche skin, as well as noble metals such as gold and silver.
Appreciated by nobles and other people of high society, Hermes caters to refined tastes and can count the likes of Grace Kelly as one of their most loyal clients.
Wallets, badge-holders, card-holders and smartphone cover are only some of the leather accessories crafted by Hermes that we use as part of our everyday lives. You’ll find these accessories distributed throughout several collections such as MC2, Silk’in, Dogon, Porquerolles and Evelyn, and each one will benefit from a few characteristics specific to each collection. For example, the Silk’in collection distinguishes itself by the silk interior of each of its pieces.
These fashionable leather accessories crafted by Hermes are conceived by professionals who understand how to add a touch of refinement to your femininity. The colors, styles and materials used for these accessories will easily complement your outfits and will give you a look like those of high-stature who have succumbed to the charms of the Hermes brand before you.
Joli Closet offers you these second-hand leather accessories from Hermes, all at reduced prices. The products in our collection come from others who have reluctantly given them up and they are always presented in mint condition. Therefore, we offer leather accessories by Hermes that are sure to meet any budget. At Joli Closet, we perfectly combine price with quality and style. And, there is never a need to sacrifice quality or elegance for a lower price.

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