Hermes scarf

Hermes scarf

Who hasn’t seen the classic photographs of superstars such as Brigitte Bardot or Grace Kelly with a stylish scarf tied around their neck on a beach somewhere in Monaco?
It’s true, almost no one can resist the charms of this centuries-old fashion accessory. In fact, this accessory has transcended the ages thanks to the almost endless ways that it can worn.
The use of the scarf has remained popular and has worked to enrich the lives and styles of multiple cultures throughout history. From pirates and cowboys, to women looking to tie up their hair or simply add a touch of color to their outfit, the scarf can be worn in hundreds of different styles, all of which will only complement your already unique style.

The scarf is an accessory that brings a sense of libertarianism even when worn in its most puritanical forms. With bright colors, shimmering like the rays of the sun, scarves by Hermes are generally made a silk and can play a decisive role in an outfits seductive power, especially when tied strategically around a women’s body.
In general, to remain in style throughout the ages, an accessory must have somewhat of an eternal quality to it such as a diamond or other types of precious metals. The scarf has proven its value and remained an essential part of a women’s outfit by being able to adapt to the various styles throughout the years, while also adding a vintage look to a woman’s dress.
In the world of fashion, there are only a few brand’s that have been recognized across the ages as innovators who continuously set trends through the perfection of their craft.
Hermès, the famous fashion house established back in 1837 is one of these rare examples. Now, nearly 200 years later, the brand with the horse-drawn carriage logo, strives to create the means and supports for women to mold their own bold and unique styles.

Every woman deserves to be at the center of attention and for this, they must present themselves by wearing the most stylish accessories that are created with exceptional quality and finesse. Among countless other accessories, one of the few that stands out from the rest are stylish scarves by Hermes.
Through their 200 years of existence, Hermes has followed the history of the scarf more than any other brand in the fashion world. Therefore, it’s no doubt that the accessory has become one of the renown symbols so often associated with the brand. And, over the years, Hermes has been responsible for countless new designs, as well as new ways in which to wear this stylish accessory.
In fact, when the company’s fashion director, Robert Dumas, decided back in 1937 to release a line of scarves that were to be square and cut in a smaller size, he had no doubt of the line inherent success. And, still today, the brand is recognized as one of the most renown designers of scarves and other fashion accessories.
Worn as a head dress, tied around the neck, as a butterfly top or even around the waist as bikini bottom, there are countless ways in which you can use a scarf to add to and accentuate your inner sense of style. As a bracelet or tied around the strap of your hand bag, it’s up to you to decide how you would your scarf to define your style.
Many times, style can be as simple as a piece of fabric combined with the softness of a caress or the colors of an exotic flower.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Scarves 
For centuries, Hermes has been renown as a trend setter and their products have always been highly prized by fashion lovers around the world. Above their worldwide notoriety, it’s the quality of their products that continues to create such a frenzy around their fashions.
And, because the brand is committed to creating timeless pieces that will live on throughout the years, scarves by Hermes only increase in value much like a masterpiece from one of the world’s most renown artists. Therefore, it’s not always easy to find Hermes products at affordable prices.
However, Joli Closet takes care of this by offering you their collection of stunning Hermes second-hand scarves. Our collection is always monitored by our team of experts who work to authenticate each one and ensure that they are all in perfectly like-new condition.
In our collection, you’re sure to find something that will suit every budget and through the following description of the Ex Libris collection, you’ll quickly discover the magic of Hermes scarves.

Hermes Two-Tone Ex Libris Stole 
This beautiful stole by Hermes is made of jersey cotton and is so soft that you’re likely not going to ever want to take it off. In a relatively larger size (220 cm X 78 cm), this scarf is ideal for a variety of different uses, from being tied around your neck to doubling as a piece of clothing. For example, you could tie it delicately around yourself as a butterfly top to maximize your seductive potential.
The scarf’s two-tone squares in grey and white are put at the center of attention and are decorated with symmetrical shapes that can be found throughout the scarf.

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