Chanel scarf

Chanel scarf

Cashmere, silk, and cotton all rival each other when it comes to the sultry scarves immortalized by Miss Coco Chanel’s avant-garde vision. Furthermore, their bold patterns and stunning color schemes make for a look that easily captivates the attention and admiration of all those who surround you. For women, the scarf is a tradition and has been worn with pride since the long-lost days of yore. Therefore, it was with this sense of tradition in mind that Coco Chanel put her expert designers to work on creating high-end scarves, that would never dare compromise a woman’s femininity.

Second-Hand Chanel Scarves at Reduced Prices
If you’re currently looking for a scarf from Chanel, do yourself a favor and check out Joli Closet’s collection of pre-loved scarves. Here, you’ll quickly discover hundreds of used scarves whose quality and authenticities have been dutifully verified by our experts. Although we only offer affordable, second-hand scarves by Chanel, we never skip out on their quality. In our collection, you’ll find scarves that are ideal for any seasons, including fall and winter, which are prime times to be outside wearing your new Chanel scarf. You’ll also find many other style that are decorated with either summertime or tourism related themes. The latter consists mostly of scarves styled with the image of famous landmarks or motifs such as the United State’s flag. Equally, Chanel’s fashion designers work ceaselessly to come up with other dazzling conceptions such as floral patterns and many other breath-taking images. There happens to be more than 25 different ways in which you can tie a scarf. And, with the wide range of scarves offered at Joli Closet, you’ll be able to use a different knot for each one of your brand-new scarves. Now, let’s look at a few select pieces from our collection of second-hand scarves by Chanel.

Chanel Checkerboard Blue Scarf
This scarf presents itself in a symmetrical checkerboard pattern. Each blue square is decorated with a small pattern and while one is empty, the ones next to it are permeated with darker colors providing depth and contrast. Available in silk, this scarf is 50cm x 50 cm in size and is ideal for being worn time of the year.

Chanel Ultramarine Scarf
Cut from the finest silk, this scarf is pre-owned, but it was also loved. Despite this, the scarf is in mint condition and you can still readily make out the double C logo of the Chanel brand in the corner of the scarf. Furthermore, it is decorated with the image of several planes taking off through a magnificent ultramarine color scheme.

Chanel Golden Silk Scarf
By knotting it around your neck, this stunning yellow-gold square scarf is sure to turn heads and drop jaws at any event you choose to attend while wearing it. Made from fine silk, this scarf is reminiscent of styles worn during the late 1990’s and made popular by American rappers such Nelly and Jay-Z. To finish off the piece, you’ll easily find the brand’s logo in the corner, testifying to its origins at Chanel’s esteemed fashion house.

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