Chanel bracelet

Chanel Bracelet

Luxurious and crafted with the finesse of their expert jewelers, bracelets by Chanel benefit from a proven stylistic approach designed only to enhance feminine beauty. Resin, metal, crystal and many other materials are used to adorn these accessories with a solid armor that will stand up to the tests of time. Their appearance comes from the creative imagination of the brand’s designers to create timeless and original pieces. Since being well-dressed is not only about the clothes that you wear, a Chanel bracelet will work wonders with your ensemble and will infuse your style with elegance in the eyes of everyone around you.

Used Chanel Bracelets
From the most discreet to the most original, our collection of Chanel bracelets is filled with pieces that are just as exceptional as the people who wear them. The rigid and soft bracelets in the collection often display a simplified style. However, they do not lack any finesse when it comes to detail. While others, such as our vintage or tweed bracelets, fall into the category of being remarkable collector pieces. Joli Closet brings you some of the finest jewelry from Chanel, sold in “like-new” condition and always at a reduced price. With our customer’s best interest in mind, our experts ensure that the products in our collection are always authentic.
Other than the 6 pieces that will be present below, Joli Closet also offers a wide selection of other exceptional bracelets to choose from.

Resin Chanel Bracelets
To distinguish themselves from other simple metal bracelets, Chanel’s designers have inlaid precious stones in this stunning trio that are meant to be worn together. Each of the three bracelets takes on a different look, notably in their finish and contour. Their well-balanced mixture of brown, black and grey colors give the bracelets a discreet look that easily allows it to adapt to any type of situation.

Chanel Flower Bracelet
With the appearance of a blooming flower, this jewel is a magnificent bracelet tinged with a rare elegance. Moreover, its curved shape and 20 cm dimension give it a rather large and majestic look. Impossible to go unnoticed, this bracelet was inspired by the plant world and takes on a variety of natural colors. In addition, the flower petals that meet your wrist are tinted with an elegant golden hue and the whole of the bracelet is connected by a tangled chain whose links shine marvelously with a brilliant glow. Moreover, the bracelet is engraved with the words, “Made in France”, which confirms its origins in the world of French chic.

Chanel "Rouge Coco" Bracelets
As can be expected from Chanel, they are capable of creating brilliant jewelry such as this lot of 5 bracelets that comes in stunning acid-washed colors. To differentiate itself from other Chanel bracelets, the lot was designed in a plastic material that doesn’t sport Chanel’s tradition double C’s. Instead, the name, “Chanel” is shown in black on the interior of the bracelet, which instantly removes any doubts about the bracelet’s origin. Also, the words, “Rouge Coco” are tinted in coral red and add a visual softness to the acid red color of the ensemble.

Multicolored Bracelets
These bracelets are encrusted with red, brown, violet and green stones that are offset by crystal, which indicates their belonging to the world of luxury. The classic CC logo is highlighted on one of the stones because, yes, we are looking at another elegant creation from the sublime Chanel lineup. The part of the bracelet that comes into contact with your hand is made of metal and sports a golden tone as an ode to the mythical Chanel bags and their shiny golden chains.

Chanel pearl Bracelet
This pearl bracelet was created in the 80’s and has a golden chain that connects the pearls in the classic crisscrossed pattern of the brand. The vintage XL pearl bracelet is one of the rare pieces in our collection. Thanks to its radiant complexion, this collector’s piece will sublimate your wrist with a timeless aesthetic that transcends the ages. In addition, this lustrous jewel comes with a protective dustcover, so that you’ll never have to worry about scratches.

Chanel Cuffs
The undeniable charm of this bracelet comes from the classic double C logo embellished with rhinestones and clear crystal. The bracelet is designed from a hard resin that guarantees it to be both trendy and robust. The cuff is tinted in a solid black, which is offset by a grey metal fastener. This bracelet from Joli Closet comes with a protective pouch dotted with a camellia flower.

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