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Since day one, Chanel has worked tirelessly to reach new heights in the world of fashion. As the forefront of trend creation, the French brand has hugely contributed to establishing Paris as a central hub of beauty and luxury. If we associate Michelangelo with establishing new standards of beauty during the Renaissance period, we can safely say that Coco Chanel is to fashion, just as Michelangelo is to art and sculpture.

The Definition of Beauty

In a world where the success of an ensemble relies on factors such as its material and colors in relation to their surrounding environment, brooches deserve an entire department dedicated to their design and creation. The brooch is the fashion accessory that always comes in last to punctuate our style with total reassurance.

If there is one fashion brand that is capable of completely transforming your appearance with something as little as a brooch, it is surely Chanel.
Finely crafted with luxury in mind, brooches by Chanel radiate with qualities that have always defined the brand. Chanel designs their brooches in a surprising variety of materials such as rare stones and precious metals, and each one as unique as the individuals who wear them.
Used Brooches by Chanel – Cheap Chanel Brooches

Joli Closet brings you a large catalog of used brooches by Chanel which will, as with any other Chanel product, appreciate over time in the eyes of collectors. As always, we strive to maintain a trusting relationship with our customers and search high and low to bring you the best Chanel products that are duly evaluated by our experts before being shipped out.
We offer a huge selection of splendid pieces that are just waiting to add to your style and personality.

The Chanel 5 Brooch

This collector’s piece is a perfect illustration of the success of the French brand. Gold plated and adorned with laurels, this brooch is a superb reflection of a successful life. The number 5 is molded in a twisted pattern is a tribute to the resounding success of the perfume of the same name, which was Marilyn Monroe’s favorite and is one of the best-known perfumes in the world: Chanel No. 5.
The Mademoiselle Coco Brooch in Gold and Black Lacquer, Chanel camelia brooch, Chanel CC brooch

As another rare item from Chanel comes the Mademoiselle Coco brooch. In addition to adding a touch of fantasy to your style, this brooch dresses you in the classical mysticism of a historical character renown for her unanimous fashion genius.
Displaying a young girl dressed in a little black dress with a bag over her shoulder, a pearl under her arm and a hat on her head, this brooch is a reminder of all the innovation brought to the world of fashion by Chanel. Gold plated and offset with black lacquer, this brooch will truly give you the impression of being a fashion icon.

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