Chanel loafers

Chanel loafers

They say that shoes are the first thing you notice about a person. They are the determining factor in what someone thinks of your dress code after they’ve checked out your clothing. In the end, it’s your shoes that will either confirm or deny the quality of your outfit. Even in Perrault’s story, Cinderella could not have ravished the court without the help from her enchanted glass slippers. Just like any other clothing accessory, shoes serve a very practical function. That is, of course, to cover and protect our feet. But, in addition to that, they can provide the person wearing them with comfort and support throughout their day. Moreover, they can bestow us with a sense style, elegance and class, as well as making us appear more cultured and wise beyond our years. However, to project a proper image of the person wearing them, our footwear needs to go above and beyond the basic production values of a regular shoe. As Johann Geiler von Kaiserberg once wrote, “To make a shoe, one needs more than just a hammer and some leather.” One must give them a proper soul for them to complement a person’s entire outfit, as well as bringing a visual harmony to the environment in which they are found. We often doubt that any brand is capable of such mystical fashion wizardry. However, by focusing on enlightening the harsh fashion trends that have been inherited from the past, Chanel has established themselves as one of the few names who can. And, after more than a century of revisiting and redefining fashion trends, Chanel remains one of the most emblematic names in the fashion world. Always concentrated on refining their works, Chanel inspires elegance and prestige through the shapes and colors of their products, as well as the materials with which they are crafted.

Shoes and loafers by Chanel are an excellent illustration of the perfectionist attitude of the brand. Contrary to boots and derbies, loafers are appreciated for their relaxed appearance and reserved for those who are averse to committing any type of fashion faux-pas. With Chanel loafers on your feet, you’ll gain confidence and assurance wherever you go. For men and women, the pompom models are a particularly mature shoe that can be appreciated by all generations who are looking for a refined style. Shoes, loafers and other footwear by Chanel are generally crafted from traditional materials such as canvas, suede, leather and in Chanel’s lineup, you’ll even find footwear made from varnished leather reminiscent of the BCBG brand. With mostly flat soles, loafers are guaranteed to give you a pleasant gait that will fill you with self-assurance and pride. Furthermore, Chanel loafers are classics and will complement you with a simple, yet refined style.

Affordable Pre-Owned Loafers from Chanel
Every pair of Chanel loafers benefit from the prestige that the brand has built around each one of their high-quality products. Joli Closet provides you with second-hand loafers in “like-new” condition and are sure to screen any footwear that has been counterfeited or altered in any way, shape or form. Our motto is to guarantee the quality and authenticity of each item sold on our site. Furthermore, we offer our products at reduced prices, which are sure to be some of the lowest that you’ll find on the market. Read the following descriptions of two select loafers from our collection and you’ll instantly be able to see why you’ll want to shop with us.

Chanel red Leather Loafer
Although their color tends to incite caution when thinking about your style of dress, these loafers will give you an assertively rare elegance. The shoes profile and fit match perfectly with the body of the shoe which has been described as a velvet caviar leather. The buttress at the back of the loafer are cut from canvas and elegantly sport the classic Chanel logo in black.

Chanel Velvet Loafers
These loafers take on the classic dual color scheme that is emblematic of the brand. With a zebra-stripe pattern alternating between black and white, the motif takes root at the collar of the shoe and makes its way towards the sole. While the body of the shoe is cut from a single piece of velvet, the toe and buttress are cut from a separate piece of stunning black velvet. The black and white stripes will lengthen your foot, while the black tips of the shoe set the limits. Moreover, the Chanel’s classic double C logo is found delicately inscribed on the buttress at the rear of the shoe.

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