Chanel earrings

Chanel earrings

Chanel was founded by in the year 1932 and ever since, has been working tirelessly to promote French chic in the world of designer fashion. And, just like any other creation from Chanel, their earrings work to enhance a woman's face, as well as her overall style and elegance. At the time, Miss Coco Chanel believed that every single piece of jewelry was defined by the era of its creation. Since then, the brand’s brilliant masterpieces (including their earrings) have continued to transcend all styles and fashions and enjoy worship and adulation in the world of luxury. With both elegance and grace, Chanel pieces benefit from decades of knowledge and trust built by the brand that has held strong in a rather demanding industry. And, this is something that has been understood by celebrities for a long time. Therefore, don’t be surprised to see the likes of stars such as Diane Krueger, or even maybe Aymeline Valade, wearing Chanel products on the red carpet

Second-Hand Earrings from Chanel – Affordable Earrings by Chanel
With their avant-garde designs, Chanel earrings have always anticipated the next trends and consequently, never tend to go out of style. On our site, Joli Closet has collected a wide range of Chanel earrings that cater to any type of tastes which include the most ostentatious to the most discreet. These earrings will give your face a memorable shine that will place you amongst the stars in the sky. Our collection houses a variety of styles and designs. Whether you’re looking for something round, rectangular, hooked or hanging, you’re sure to be able to find something that will suit your face perfectly. For Chanel, aside from the ideation process, the selection of pearls or other precious materials is meticulous and leaves nothing up to fate. Furthermore, our designers take care to examine every single jewel and verify its authenticity before putting it up for sale.

Vintage Gold Earrings by Chanel
These gold-plated earrings feature are crafted with a round design which is ideal for rectangular or elongated face shapes. Their vintage look highlights their robustness, as well as their ability to transcend time and continue to shine throughout the years. As always, these earrings have the trademark double C’s of the brand embossed on the base of the hook, which further adds to this visually stunning and harmonious piece.

Chanel Earings CC
These earrings are sure to turn heads wherever you go with their stylish design which incorporates the brand’s beloved double C logo. In the hands of Chanel’s jewelers, metals and pearls are easily transformed into brilliantly refined earrings that symbolize the seductive power of a woman. Furthermore, when purchased, this set also comes with its original box, as well as its dust bag. Chanel logo Earrings with Gold Clip Designed in a tear-drop style, these earrings allude to Miss Chanel’s classic taste for jewelry from the Baroque period. As part of our collector’s series, these earrings are adorned with a golden motif with an elegant pearl tint on their inside. More than just a simple fashion accessory, these earrings know how to illuminate the faces of those who wear them and are suitable for even the worldliest gala events.

Chanel Earrings with Golden Edges
If one thing is for sure, the designers at Chanel have mastered the art of playing with different contrasts and color tones. And, they’ve proved this once again with the stunning set of brown earrings that are contoured in an exquisite gold tint. Moreover, the double C logo is printed in black over a brown background which draws more attention to the earring’s circular design rather than its brand name. Overall, this well-rounded look has been completely thought-out and has delicately made use of the classic clip system, which serves to keep your earrings securely in place.

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