Hermes earrings

Hermes earrings

As part of a woman's dress code, wearing earrings is an essential element. And well beyond the reason of simply accentuating what a woman must wear, it is important to be able to distinguish these beauty accessories and remember that not all earrings will be suitable for all occasions.
That's why the designers such as Hermes, have for years, provided originally designed earrings. Of which, the looks, styles, colors and manufacturing materials testify to the ability of their designers to understand a woman's tastes, to provide them with jewelry whose wearing will only enhance their inner beauty.

If you are looking for Hermes brand earrings, simply go to Joli Closet where you’ll different kinds at affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else. And, as Jennifer Lopez once said, "Women should never be without earrings".

Second-hand Hermes Earrings - Affordable Hermes Earrings

It's by their various forms that the earrings of the Hermes brand differentiate themselves. They are not just circular, although it must be said that this is the classic form of these beauty accessories. So, you can find some in square form, decorated with various patterns. There are also other styles whose design are enhanced with the letter H for the Hermes brand, just like the circular loops.

As for the manufacturing material, at JoliCloset you will find second-hand earrings made of gold, silver or other equally precious materials. Certain loops are made from several metals, which to some extent, increases the aesthetic and market value of these earrings.

It should be noted that these affordable earrings found at Joli Closet are second-hand. These are accessories that have been reviewed by our team of experts before being put on our online store front. Our experts have a mission to authenticate the earrings and to assess every single detail that will be noted in their descriptions.
That said, it should be made clear that the price of Hermes earrings is not set only according to the quality but is also based on their rarity. This is because the more difficult a product is to obtain on the market, the more expensive it becomes.

Also, consider that Joli Closet offers not only second-hand earrings by Hermes. You can also find some that are brand new and sold at attractive prices. Here is a presentation of some affordable Hermes earrings from our selection.

The Hermes Quadrilateral Earrings 
These earrings are a vintage fashion accessory. Therefore, as a result, they are rare and expensive. It has a quadrilateral form, with burgundy as its primary color. The outer part of the jewel is decorated with a design that looks like a coat of arms, while the internal part is engraved with the Hermes name. Furthermore, it has a gold-plated jewel in combination with enamel, whose dimensions are 2.5 cm by 2.5 cm.

Hermes Loop Earrings
Made of silver, these earrings by Hermes have a simplified design that will delight those who like wearing a more discreet look. The jewel is a circle with a stud to help keep the jewelry in place. Lastly, these earrings are made of rose gold, and have never been worn.

The Hermes H Earrings
In the shape of an H, these second-hand Hermes earrings are made of plated gold and enamel. The combination of the white enamel and the yellow gold strongly enhances the aesthetic appeal that a female eye should easily recognize. Still in excellent condition, these would make an excellent gift to someone you love for Christmas.

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