Hermes bag jewelry

Hermes bag jewelry

Just like the shoes a person wears, bag jewelry can give you a glimpse into the personality of the person who owns it.

The era of women only wearing jewelry given to them by their lovers is dead and gone. Today, women and fashionistas everywhere take the time to meticulously choose their own jewelry to decorate themselves with style.
And, Hermes understands this quite well. The famous fashion house, known originally as a saddlery, launched themselves into the world of jewelry nearly a century after the company was first created. The company’s know-how in craftsmanship has since overcome borders and has conquered the hearts of luxury jewelry lovers around the world.

Since, Hermes has never ceased to reincarnate French chic into their works, as can be testified by their stunning pieces of bag jewelry.
After the year 2000, the company saw their fashion sense completely upset by the arrival of Pierre Hardy as the company’s director. And, without totally giving up on the company’s history, Hardy has worked to breathe new life and a modern touch into their works, all while driving the company towards new horizons.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Bag Jewelry 
There’s nothing more sobering than to accessorize your bag with a stunning key-chain from Hermès. Just like other creations from the brand, these accessories only increase in value over the years and if maintained properly, they can last a lifetime, just like the undying love of their loyal fans around the world.

On Joli Closet, we only present bag jewelry from Hermes in like-new condition, yet at affordable, second-hand prices. Furthermore, our fashion designers always inspect each pieces, taking note of any and all defects before putting to piece up for sale.
Below, you’ll find a few of the most dazzling pieces in our collection.

The Hermes Halloween Charm 
This spooky bag jewelry will dazzle your senses with its stunning double sided pumpkin design. If the black side plays the role of sober and classic, the other side, in an electric blue, will give it a stunning sense of dynamic contrast. The whole is then suspended by a red and white silk cord to complement the jewelry’s look.
This piece is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance, as well as fantasy to any bag.

The Hermes Rodeo MM 
This piece of bag jewelry is a tribute to the modest beginning of the company when horses were at the center of the company’s operations.
Today, the company continues to produce saddlery and they’ve never ceased to pay tribute to their heritage as can be seen in this accessory with the image of a horse and rider.
A passionate red color adorns this piece of jewelry to lend a warm touch to any bag without forgetting the sense of refinement known to Hermes. Moreover, this piece is sold with its original orange case stamped with the Hermes logo.

The Hermes Padlock 
With their creation of bag jewelry, Hermes proves their dexterity and finesse when it comes to working with precious metals.
While the clasp on the Kelly and Birkin bags are covered with a brushed palladium finish, this jewel, printed with the image of an elephant, has a beautiful silver finish. Furthermore, this piece can also be worn as a pendant for a more casual look.
Much more than a simple accessory, these bag jewels can easily be classified as high-end pieces of jewelry.

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