Hermes long necklace

Hermes long necklaces

For a woman, there are countless accessories that can add to your beauty. Amongst these pieces, which can be used as part of your arsenal to enhance your beauty, are long necklaces. Hermes understands this well and has made use of their creative genius of their designers to create stunning long necklaces to enhance your style.

Therefore, if you’re looking to add a long necklace by Hermes to your collection, look no further than Joli Closet to find stunning pieces at affordable prices. Your favorite online shop for fashions and accessories offers you a wide range of products, where you’re sure to find everything that you’re looking for.
Long necklaces are one fashion accessory that are currently a very hot commodity and have been all the rage amongst the stars. Furthermore, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez can often be found wearing long necklaces from the Hermes lineup.

Affordable Hermes Second-Hand Long Necklaces 
At Joli Closet, you’ll find a massive selection of long necklaces that are just waiting to be hung around your neck to accentuate your beauty. Most of these products are made of precious metals and it should also be noted that they are typically of a second-hand nature.
However, all the pieces in our collection are sold in like-new condition, whereas some of them are brand-new. For those that are second-hand, our experts have meticulously looked them over to authenticate and appraise their value. However, keep in mind that the rarer a piece is, the more expensive it will be.
Here are a few of the long necklaces from Hermes that can be found in our collection.

Hermes Rare Sterling Silver Long Necklace
Today, this necklace is considered as a rare find and is not easily available from the company itself. Made of silver, the necklace’s links are twisted, but follow each other perfectly to reveal the beauty of the piece. With a length of 85 cm, this necklace can be simply hung around your neck or doubled to make it a shorter necklace. Costs 1,510 Euros.

Hermes Silver Necklace 
Made of stunning silver, this necklace is a totally original piece to say the least. When worn, the necklace presents a second chain that divides the necklace in two, starting from the right side of the neck, through to the left and a few centimeters below the heart. Here, a loop brings the three parts of the necklace together as a beautiful work of art. With a length of 82 cm, this piece costs 1,200 Euros.

Hermes Isthmus Necklace 
This long necklace by Hermes can be worn in a variety of different variations, such as an isthmus. The necklace is made of lacquered buffalo horn and is decorated in two stunning colors: brown and fuchsia. To suspend a medallion from it’s center, the necklace is equipped with a central tie made of cotton. This piece comes in at only 250 Euros.

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