Hermes bracelet

Hermes bracelet

Bracelets by Hermes have been crafted to add a touch of refinement and enhance the outfits of all those who wear them.
Since the 1920’s, Hermes’ jewelers have always followed the styles and trends, and with turn of the season, they’ve been able to seduce the uncompromising world of luxury fashions through the creation of their products.
In their line-up, some collections stand out from the rest, namely the anchor style bracelet and the dog collar bracelets and for those who love the brand, these two accessories are must-haves.

However, there are many other refined jewels by Hermes that work to preserve the brand’s image amongst fashionistas around the world.  For example, take the Atamé and Kelly cuff links, that also benefit from the finesse of the brand’s master jewelers, who have sublimated noble materials such as yellow gold, pink gold and silver into stunning works of art.

Hermes Second-Hand Bracelets at Affordable Prices

The second-hand bracelets in our collection all have the Hermes name in common and their superlative quality has indelibly set them amidst the luxurious world of high-end fashion accessories. Aside from that, each jewelry collection from Hermes is distinguished by its own characteristics. As is typical with the brand, Hermes never hesitates to transpose their most popularity ideas into their creations such as the double-turn Kelly bracelets, crafted in honor of the famous Kelly handbags.

At Hermes, choosing the names of their products has always been based on the inspiration for the piece. For example, take the well-known dog collar bracelet, which represents the true spirit of the brand in their simplicity, as well as their sophistication in the quality of the finished product.
To authenticate and find every single defect in our pieces, our team of designers have inspected each piece meticulously before putting them up for sale on Joli Closet.
This way, each piece is guaranteed to be free from any defects other than what is noted in their descriptions. Below, you’ll find two of the most famous pieces for out Hermes collection.

The Anchor Bracelet
This bracelet owes its name-day to Mr. Robert Dumas, Emile Hermes’ son-in-law. After traveling through the coasts of Normandy, he was struck with inspiration at the sigh of the criss-crossed chains used to anchor naval ships. Then, around the year 1937-1938, Mr. Dumas had the idea to use this inspiration for bracelets, to diversify the product line-up of the brand.
Furthermore, the anchor bracelets that we propose in our online shop come in many different variations. While some of them take on the naval style with a linked chain, others take on a different look by presenting the famous chain on a multi-colored silver support.

The Dog Collar Bracelet
This other iconic bracelet was created during the 1920’s while Adolphe and Emile Hermes were still managing the fashion house.
In the midst of expanding their operations into the world of luxury, the siblings were in charge of creating custom nail belts. And, as it turns out, their creation looked very similar to the design of a dog’s collar.
From crafting belts to the creation of their jewelry, the brothers have never hesitated to take the next step forward in creating stunning works of art that please their clients and enhance their looks.
As a result, the dog collar bracelets have gained notoriety around the world and their larger size, as well as their glamorous styles have allowed these bracelets to become as popular as the most famous bags created by Hermes. Moreover, the famous singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, has often been caught with this type of bracelet wrapper around her wrist.

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