Hermes watch

Hermes watch

With their stunning collection of watches, Hermes continues to prove themselves as a leader in the world of high-end fashion products and luxury accessories.
At Hermes, their expert jewelers work tirelessly to bring you the next trends. And, just like scientists working to discover their next big breakthrough, the artisans and craftsmen at Hermes are constantly pushing the limits of their imagination and reaching for new unattainable heights.

Through their works, Hermes cultivates nothing less than refinement, pure aesthetic and unrivaled practicality. Just like any other masterpiece created by an expert craftsman, Hermes works to perfect the image of glamor and feminine elegance through their stylish fashions and beautiful accessories.
Hermes doesn’t stop at simply creating simple pieces of jewelry. They take the time to instill a little bit of soul into each piece through a handmade process that focuses on even the smallest and most minute details.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Watches 

Thanks to our dazzling collection of gorgeous watches by Hermes, Joli Closet brings you into a world of luxury jewelry and accessories that are never easy to find. We’re focused on providing you with only the most stunning timepieces that are always guaranteed to in near perfect condition and sold at affordable, second-hand prices.

On our site, you’ll find watches that are the results of decades of experience, coming from a brand that has long since overcome the borders France and has brought their vision to people from around the entire world.
We strive to bring you nothing but the most luxurious timepieces and jewelry from Hermes. And, although our products are second-hand items, that doesn’t mean that they are any less valuable. In fashion, even second-hand items never go out of style and it only adds to their timelessness.

Furthermore, to give our customers a bit of piece of mind, our team of professional designers have taken the time and have meticulously inspect each watch in our collection to ensure their authenticity of being a genuine Hermes product. They also take time to note any minor defects that may be present to ensure a more accurate description of the pieces found on our site.
Some of the most popular timepieces from Hermes are part of the Kelly collection, the Cape Cod watch being its crown jewel.

Watches from the Kelly Collection
With this watch, the brand didn’t hesitate to draw inspiration from the brand’s lineup of Kelly hand bags, which are so aptly named after the princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.
These beautiful timepieces from the Kelly Locket collection are made with a stunning combination of metal and leather. Held securely around your wrist by a stylish clasp, the timepiece houses generations of fine watchmaking skills, relying on a quartz crystal to keep perfect time. Moreover, the watch’s gold plating directly reflects its belonging to the highest level of fashion.

The Hermes Cape Cod 
If there’s one watch that only continues to gain in popularity from Hermès, it’s the Cape Cod. As one of the most emblematic watches from the Hermes collection, this watch borrows its name from the famous whaling station in the United States, known for its lavish and luxurious population. Furthermore, to remain loyal to brand’s roots as a saddlery company, you’ll find the seams of the leather strap hand-stitched with finest attention to detail.

Hermes Apple Watches 
The Apple Watch by Hermes delicately seduces your sense by creating the perfect blend of luxury fashion combined with a more high-tech appeal.
The materials used for the wristband vary depending on the specific model, however, they are generally made of soft and supple caviar leather. Also, on some of the older models found in our collection, the leather comes in a grainy variety.
The Apple Watch brings a touch of revolution to the brand, much in the image of Apple, who continues to innovate and push the boundaries of their domain. Everything has been thought out perfectly with this watch. From its digital display, Wifi and Bluetooth capabilities, through to its built-in heart rate monitor, the watch has everything that it takes to conquer the hearts of techno-geeks who are looking to add a sense of refinement to their style.

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