Second hand Hermes


Second hand hermes

Hermes has become an iconic symbol of French luxury. Above all, the fashion house is known for its leather goods, but has successfully re-branded itself as a watchmaker and its now developing its ready to wear collections, as well as a number of perfumes.

In the 30s, the brand saw an important development in its women's clothing lines. This period was also when the famous Kelly and the silk scarf were released, which were to become iconic symbols of the brand.

Hermès carefully controls the availability of its items to guarantee their quality and exclusivity.

Like many luxury brands, Hermes does not organize public sales for its most popular leather bags. As a result the second hand market is very dynamic. You can try to get your hand on this classy vintage Kelly bag for a great price or buy a brand new Birkin with the exact color, size and features you where looking for.

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