Hermes pendant

Hermes pendant

Synonymous with power and the belonging to high-society, pendants by Hermes continue to give off the image and impression of exclusivity. Through the creation of their beautiful necklaces and pendants, Hermes transmits class, as well as French chic around the neck of those who wear them.

To Hermes, luxury is defined through the refined conception of their works. This combined with the use of noble materials and countless hours of meticulous work, provides their pieces with the very soul of high-society. The whole of which is then able to transcend the times, as they never cease to increase in value without ever going out of style.
With this, pieces from Hermes remain at the fore-front of the demanding world of high-end luxury fashions. They always infer the ability of the brand to create rare works of art which continue to draw the attention of fashionistas around the world, even as second-hand products.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Pendants 

Joli Closet offers you a wide range of second-hand pendants from Hermes that are just waiting to be hung around your neck.
Although these pieces are second-hand products, they are always sold in mint condition and our expert designers take the time inspect each piece carefully to ensure their authenticity, as well as taking note of any minor defects that may be present.

With this, we provide you with an accurate description of each pendant. However, we make it a point to only collect pendants and other pieces of jewelry that have been preserved in near perfect condition. And, since you’re searching for pendants that will enhance your looks, we have hand-selected only the finest pieces of jewelry without ever compromising on quality.

Our collection presents many rare pieces such as the anchor chain pendant, which is a tribute to one of the brand’s famous it-bags. Hung around your neck, these pendants are sure to attract the attention of all those around you and are guaranteed to enhance the way you look and feel.
Below, you’ll find several examples of pieces that are sure to complement any of your outfits.

The Hermes Kara Pendant 
This pendant, in the shape of a buffalo horn, highlights the brand’s ability to sublimate materials as simple and classic as wood. Furthermore, its white coloring makes it the perfect example to highlight the purity of its design.
This piece has an adjustable cotton cord so that it will fit perfectly around your neck and is delivered in its original case engraved with the Hermes name on it in the famous orange color known to the brand.

The Hermes Locket 
This pendant will add a shine to your look thanks to its golden color. Its carved pattern resembles the image of a blooming flower, or rays of sunshine, depending on how you look at it.
The precision work found in this piece is a direct example of the brand’s state of mind to never compromise on even the most insignificant details. This luxurious pendant could easily be used as a key-chain or even as bag jewelry to transmit its elegance through to you and your accessories.

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