Hermes jewelry

Hermes jewelry

The world of precious stones and glamorous jewelry belongs mostly to women. This is a well-known fact and the fashion industry takes full advantage of this by creating stunning designs that appeal to the fashion desires of every woman.
For years, Hermes has been a well-known and reputable brand in the world of fashion accessories for women. Their quality and craftsmanship has already won over the hearts of the countless admirers of Hermes jewelry. The list is long, but within Joli Closet’s collection, you’ll find a variety of accessories from bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, as well as many other types of jewelry.
With Joli Closet, you’ll discover countless pre-owned jewelry from Hermes at relatively affordable prices. However, the fact that they are second-hand does not take anything away from their style and originality. In fact, celebrities such as Rachel McAdams have often been seen sporting Hermes jewelry. But, what about you? How long will you be able to resist the charm and elegance of Hermes brand?

Affordable Second-Hand Hermes Jewelry
On Joli Closet, you’ll find several different categories and a whole plethora of Hermes jewelry to choose from. For example, you’ll find classy watches that will enhance and draw attention to your wrist, as well as having the luxury to choose from leather or metal straps. And, for those who want the best of both worlds, you’ll even find stunning watches whose straps are made of both leather and metal links.
As for their bracelets, it must be said that they are the most abundant pieces of Hermes jewelry found on Joli Closet. There are even some bracelets with more extreme and exotic designs made for those who want to be noticed. Otherwise, you’ll find bracelets made of enamel and all sorts of other materials. Additionally, Joli Closet does not only offer jewelry for humans. In our collection, you can also find stunning dog collars that will make your pooch dazzle with style.
The best part is that the list of stunning Hermes jewelry offered by Joli Closet is not limited to what we’ve mentioned above. It’s also important to add that not only do we provide second-hand jewelry, but you’ll also have access to brand new jewelry that’s never been worn and sold at prices much lower than what you’ll find anywhere else. Here, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites to highlight the collection of Hermes jewelry found on Joli Closet.

Hermes Cible Labyrinthe H Rhythm Necklace
This is a stunning smaller size necklace by Hermes which represent beauty in its truest form. It’s made from metal and comes in the shape of several intertwined circles which are reminiscent of a labyrinth. Weighing in at only 42 grams, the best part of this necklace is that you’ll barely feel its weight around your neck. Sold in perfect condition, this necklace also comes with a convenient storage pouch for safe-keeping.

Hermes Atame Bracelet
If you’re the type who likes things that are out of the ordinary, then you’ll love this dazzling bracelet from Hermes. This bracelet is designed with a delicate combination of leather and metal. The bracelet itself is made of soft leather which gives way to the stunning gold-plated latch that holds it together. This bracelet comes in many different styles which means you’ll have the luxury to choose a style that will suit you perfectly.

Hermes Sautoir Necklaces
Another stunning range of Hermes jewelry that is sure to excite all your senses is our collection sautoir necklaces. For example, take this silver sautoir that is 100 cm in length. The piece consists of a slender silver chain which is linked together by a clasp in the form of a four leaf clover.

Hermes Anchor Chain Bracelet
If you’re a lover of jewelry made from precious metals, then this is the perfect gourmet for you. With its 18 carats and 19.5 cm in length, this is the perfect chain to make all your senses tingle. Furthermore, the chain is made of yellow gold, weighs only 47 grams and can even be worn on the wrist as a bracelet.

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