Hermes rings

Hermes rings

Around the year 1920, Hermes expanded their activities and began producing stunning jewelry that, to this day, continues to excite the minds of fashionistas around the world. The company’s illustrious directors have often entrusted rare talents from around the world to create beautiful works of art that have continuous upset the world of luxury fashions.
Their rings, just like other jewelry from Hermes, have benefited for century-old knowledge that’s been passed down from generation to generation, which has made the fashion house one of the most influential brands on the planet.

The company never hesitates to re-work their collections over the course of the seasons to keep themselves at the fore-front of the fashion scene.  Their rings play on the emotions of romanticism, as well as having a more modern touch to them and with this, the company creates timeless jewelry thanks to their master jewelers.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Rings 

Rings have been present throughout history and have always carried an important symbolism with them. For the most part, they are the symbol of a promise, or an engagement or they have even been used to signify a person’s belonging to a certain family or clan. Today, it’s engagement rings and wedding rings that are the most popular.
To own a ring created by Hermes is a guarantee that your jewelry will never go out of style. Equally, it ensures that you’ll be able to display your beauty and style during any major events.
At Joli Closet, our expert designers always ensure that our rings by Hermes are in excellent condition, as well as ensuring the authenticity of each one. Furthermore, they inspect every ring and take not of any minor defect, which will be displayed in the ring’s description.
In our collection, you’ll find rings crafted from noble metals such as yellow and rose gold. Below, you’ll find some of our most stunning pieces.

Hermes Rings from the Kelly Collection
The Kelly ring represents one of the most classic and well-known lines from the brand: the handbag created as a tribute to the princess Grace Kelly.
The piece is made of a ring, size 50, and attached to the top of the ring is a miniature version of a Kelly bag. Although it is movable, the bag is secured to the ring and the whole glitters with elegance thanks to its stunning plating in yellow gold.
This rare piece is sold with its original case, which is, in itself, a rare work of art.

The Hermes Silver Twist Ring 
There are many rings that symbolize a romantic union, however, this silver twist ring goes unrivaled in the world of jewelry. In fact, what better way is there to symbolize the love between two people than this braided ring, size 49, that perfectly symbolizes the strength of a couple?

The Hermes Gold and Diamond Ring 
This ring evokes the very quintessence of luxury itself. At first glance, the ring’s 27 diamond that form the brand’s logo will draw your attention and behind the stunning design, you’ll find the 18-carat rose gold ring cast following the rules of the art.
This combination of gold and diamonds gives the ring a majestic look and a unique splendor that can be hard to find anywhere else. In a size 49, this ring is guaranteed to project a sense of elegance from anywhere who dares to wear it.

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