Hermes handbags


Hermes handbags

When we think about hand bags by Hermes, the Birkin and the Kelly are the two models that come to mind. These are the two most popular models that fall into the category of being the it-bags, however, there are many others as well.

The other may not be quite as hot as the Birkin or the Kelly, however, that does not mean they are any less chic or elegant. At Hermès, classic hand bags often take a turn and find themselves adorned on the arms of celebrities, as well as regular active women around the world.

In 2015, a Fuchsia Diamond Birkin 35 made of crocodile leather was sold at 200,000 Euros during an auction held by Christie’s in Hong Kong. And, with this, it’s easy to see how hand bags and other high-end fashion products from Hermes can excite enthusiasm and fascination in the hearts of fashion lovers everywhere.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Hand Bags

Of course, at Joli Closet, you’ll find the classic Birkin and Kelly bags in our Hermes collection, however, there are many other stunning models as well. In fact, you’ll also find bags from other lines such as Constance, Evelyne, Bombay and Picotin.
These bags also know how to hold their own through their own styles and features. And, with this, these second-hand bags from Hermes will continue to increase in value over the course of the years.

As always, Hermes bags are hand-made, and the company never hesitate to dedicate more than 20 hours’ worth of labor to create and sublimate each one of their classic designs.

Also, at Joli Closet, our fashion experts take the time the inspect and authenticate each piece before being put up for sale on our site. Furthermore, they have taken note of even the slightest defect and have noted this in the products description to ensure that you have an accurate idea of the state of the product.

Hermes Kelly 
Back in the 1930’s, Kelly bags were originally designed as travel bags. However, this changed in 1956 when the brand renamed their bags after princess Grace Kelly, who was caught trying to hide her pregnancy with on of the brand’s bags.
This moment was immortalized in countless photographs from the era and the bag’s sales almost instantly went through the roof, making it one of the most famous and well-known bags from the brand. It was at this time that the company decided to rename their bags as the “Kelly”.
These bags can easily be recognized by their double closure, buckle and triangular design.

Hermes Birkin 
The actress, Jane Birkin, was a loyal customer and loved her hand bags from Hermès. However, she complained to the company’s artistic director that the bag lacked practicality. Following this, the brand created a new version that was much more practical and gave it the name, “Birkin”.

Thus, the Birkin was born, one of the brand’s it-bags, whose rarest models are always at the attention of fashion lovers and collectors around the world.
Visually, the bag is easily recognized by its flared design, rigid handles and two pieces of leather stitched together at the top of the bag. Furthermore, another tell-tale sign of the Birkin is its metallic buckle where you’ll find “Hermes Paris” proudly displayed.

Hermes Constance 
This bag can instantly be recognized by its metallic buckle in the shape of an H and for years, this bag has been one of the most classic products from the brand.

Always hand-crafted, it takes nearly 14 hours of meticulous work to assemble the 50 pieces that make up hand bags from the Constance collection. Furthermore, on our site, you’ll be able to find models that come in three sizes: mini, medium and large.

Unrivaled by the other bags from Hermes, the Constance has won over the hearts of many celebrities and has often been found on the arms of actresses such as Diane Kruger and Rachel Bilson.

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