Hermes tote bags


Hermes tote bags

Tote bags owe their popularity and success to their functionality, as well as their large size, which easily allows you to carry everything you need with you during any of your outings.

As for Hermes, their first bags were created back at the end of the 19th century when Charles-Emile Hermès, reoriented the company’s operations to crafting fine leather accessories. The company initially found success with the creation of their first lines, which caught the attention of state officials and became a trending fashion accessory across all of Europe.

This was followed by countless other successes, which have driven the company to attain worldwide success and have made them a name that is adored by fashion lovers everywhere.
By benefitting from the company’s acquired knowledge over the years, tote bags by Hermes have naturally become known as a high-end fashion accessory that every woman needs to have as part of their wardrobe. They offer an aesthetic appeal, as well as a functionality provided by the fact that they are handmade combined with the materials in which they are conceived.

For more than a century, regular women and businesswomen everywhere have been awe-stricken with the beautiful styles of their Hermes tote bags. Furthermore, one of the most well-known lovers of Hermes tote bags is none other than ex-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham. Alone, she owns more than a hundred Birkins, which are one of the more popular bags from the brand.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Tote Bags 

Joli Closet wants to bring you into the world of luxury, while providing you with second-hand tote bags and other Hermes fashions, all at affordable prices.

Looking for a larger bag to carry your things around? Whether you’re in need of a bag to carry your folders to the office, your clothing while traveling or even your laptop while you’re on the go, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for in our collection of tote bags by Hermes.

Below, you’ll find the descriptions of two pieces from our collection of second-hand tote bags by Hermes. Furthermore, our expert designers have taken the time to verify the authenticity of each one and have taken note of any minor defects that may be present.

At Joli Closet, we offer you tote bags by Hermes that are always sold in perfectly like-new condition. If there is one thing that all these bags have in common, it’s their unrivaled refinement and their know-how when it comes to complementing your style with class and luxury.

Hermes Leather Taurillon Tote 
This bag is the epitome of both refinement and elegance. From its beautiful leather exterior and its stunning color, through to its adjustable shoulder straps, everything about this bag speaks of the essence of luxury.

For its creation, the brand’s designers drew inspiration from another one of Hermes famous creation, the “Flaneur Hermès” and its famous bicycle bag.
The result is a tote bag that benefits from a simple style, as well as a few more refined touches. In addition to the tote, you’ll also receive its original dust cover stamped with the famous Hermes logo.

Hermes Foldable Tote Bag
Other than its apparent elegance, this tote bag is appreciated for its foldable design, which comes in handy when it’s time to store your bag while not in use. The bag is covered in soft cotton, giving it the lightness of a small handbag, although it can easily be worn over the should as well.
The orange-brown color of the bag’s straps gives it a stunning contrast when compared to its black body. Furthermore, the fact that the bag is handmade gives it the image of perfection, which can be testified by the seams sewn with a delicate white thread.

Hermes Finish Tote
Made mostly of pure cotton, the tote bag is delicately traced in the beautiful leather trim, making it the perfect symbol of luxury. The exterior of the bag comes in a bold brown color, while the interior is bright orange, bringing the whole together on a much warmer note.

Often, great artists have been called upon to contribute to the notoriety of the Hermes fashion house. And, on this bag, you’ll find the image of several horsemen galloping proudly in honor of the company’s modest beginnings.
Furthermore, to keep your items secure, the bag can be closed by a pressure clips which are delicately engraved with the mention of “Paris & Hermès”.

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