Hermes travel bag


Hermes travel bag

Today, the name Hermes has established itself as a true leader in the world of fashion and luxury accessories. There was a time when a travel bag was meant for nothing more than storing one’s possessions while on the road, however, today, travel bags can be used as a fashionable accessory to enhance and brighten your style.
One look through our collection and you’ll instantly discover the wide range of travel bags by Hermes offered by your favorite online fashion retailer. You’ll find tons of stylish travel bags for women and we guarantee that you won’t be to take your eyes off of them.

Trendy and Affordable Hermes Second-Hand Travel Bags 

It should be said that each travel bag by Hermes in Joli Closet’s collection was pre-owned and is being sold by their owners who are reluctantly giving them up. However, every bag found in our collection has been inspected by our highly-skilled experts who are qualified to certify them as authentic and in excellent condition.

With Joli Closet, you’ll find affordable second-hand travel bags by Hermes crafted from a variety of different materials. In our collection, you’ll even find bags from the Birkin Travel collection, made from stunning crocodile leather. Additionally, you’ll also find rare and vintage travel bags that are more of investment, rather than just a one-time purchase.
The popularity and status of the Hermes travel bag can be associated to a photograph of actress Grace Kelly back in the 1950’s. But today, countless other celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum and Nicky Hilton have taken up the torch and have fallen in love with these stunning travel bags. With a little bit of luck, you too can find yourself wearing one of these stylish like-new travel bags by Hermès.

As always, Hermes stays true to their roots and creates their travel bags from the finest leathers available on the market. To give you a better idea of what these bags truly are, here are a few of the best-selling travel bags in our collection.

The Hermes Birkin Travel Bag HAC
This travel bag by Hermes is made from exotic crocodile leather and is a modest 27 cm x 26 cm in size. Dark brown in color, the bag has a stunning oil-like texture to its finish. This bag is truly a collector’s item and has a compartment specifically designed to hold all your Vintage Hermes jewels while you’re not wearing them.

The Hermes Heebo Travel Bag 
Crafted from both canvas and leather, this bag is 48 cm x 53 cm in size. The bag is equipped with a black leather shoulder strap and is not only sobering in its design, but also by its simple, yet elegant grey and black color scheme. The body of the bag is made of canvas and come in excellent condition like new condition.

The Hermes Travel Birkin in Crocodile Leather
Made from cognac brown crocodile skin, this used Hermes travel bag has a vintage look and feel to it. From its style and design, it’s easy to tell that this bag is from the 1990’s. Furthermore, it comes in excellent condition and has its original dust-bag for keeping it safe storage while you’re not using it.

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