Hermes belt

Hermes belt

Although it only takes us a few minutes to get ourselves dressed in the morning, we can all agree that the clothes we wear take their origins a long way away from our wardrobes. So many of our clothing and accessories are created in the hands of expert craftsmen from around the world. And, many of them have only improved their skills over the years and continue to be pioneers in creating new styles and fashion trends every year. Many of these experts are like a fine wine and tend to get better and more refined as time goes by. As you may have guessed it, we’re speaking of the famous fashion house, Hermès, who began operations nearly 200 years ago.

Created in 1837 as a saddlery company, Hermes has developed an incredible skill for working with leather and metal, which has won over the hearts of nobles and royal family throughout the years.
With such a rich history and nearly 200 years of experience crafting stunning leather products, Hermes has made themselves known as one of the finest makers of stylish leather belts and fashion accessories worldwide.
In fact, thanks to the will of the company’s founder, Thierry Hermès, the company began to dress not only the horse, but the rider as well. The techniques and skills that were developed for horses, were easily improved and transformed to dress the second in refined style.

Over the years, the brand’s expertise in working leather and steel was transposed and extended into other fine materials such ostrich skin, velvet, suede, alligator and snake skin, not to mention precious metals such as gold and silver for the creation of dazzling pieces of jewelry.

Designed for much more than just to hold your pants up, belts by Hermes are meant to add diverse touches to your outfits, which range for sexy and seductive to the look of a serious businesswoman. Regardless the look that you’re going for, these belts benefit from such as serious that style that would make even the most talented leather smith turn green with envy.
Whether made of leather or any other stylish materials, Hermes is guaranteed to enhance your style by accentuating your own inner beauty.

Hermes Affordable Second-Hand Belts 
Our sense of style can often be a sensitive subject. After all, it determines the image that we project unto the world. Therefore, we often take great pride in the way we dress and put our faith into the fashion industry to provide us with the accessories that we need to create the look and style that we’ve always imagined.
However, our need for high-end and fashion accessories has often been taken advantage of by counterfeiters who are looking for nothing more than to make a profit by charging extremely high prices without offering any real quality. Furthermore, this risk is increased when we decide to look for high-end fashion accessories such as belts by Hermès.

However, at Joli Closet, your online portal for stylish fashions and accessories, we put our team of expert fashion designers in charge of authenticating and verifying the quality of each belt sold in our store. Furthermore, we are always focused on providing the accessories in the best condition and all of our items are always sold in a like-new condition.
The products found on Joli Closet are priced according to their sellers, however, their quality is something that we never compromise on. This explains why we’re able to offer quality Hermes belts at affordable budget-friendly prices.
At Joli Closet, we take fashion seriously and are committed to providing you with the best and most refined fashions that are guaranteed to enhance your style.
Through the following descriptions of the Kelly and Cabochon collections, you’ll quickly discover the divine quality of belts by Hermès.

Hermes Second-Hand Kelly Belts - Women
Many of our belts are part of the Kelly collection, named in honor of the princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, who for years was one of the brand’s most loyal customers.
One of the most distinct features of these belts are their buckles that have also been appropriately named after Ms. Kelly. Plated in gold, these belts are held snug around your hips by a stunning clasp locked together by a rotating pin.
The finesse of the cut, the double belt style and the stunning lines of the Kelly buckle give this belt the charm that the collection is renown for. They are typically sold for waists between the size of 70 cm and 90 cm and come in beautiful materials such as ostrich skin and crocodile leather.

Hermes Second-Hand Cabochon Belts - Women
Always loyal to their renown leather working capabilities, Hermes brings you this collection of Cabochon belts made of simple leathers such as caviar leather, through to more exotic materials such as ostrich skin, all of which all held together by a stunning cabochon clasp.
This type of clasp makes use of a nail-head closure and is largely used in the world of equestrianism. Typically sold for waists around 85 cm, these belts can be adjusted to fit waists that are a little bit smaller or larger.
Furthermore, the belts are available with 3 different types of closures.

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