Chanel hair accessories, Chanel headband

Chanel hair accessories, Chanel headband

Since day one, Chanel has been a hallmark of fairy-tale fashion accessories and dress. Created back in 1909, Chanel has been creating beauty and perfection ever since its conception. With their innovative take on fashion, the company has always balanced the joy of getting dressed up, as well as the influence of a piece on its surrounding at the center of their unique and memorable creations. With this, they can better relegate a secondary function to their pieces, on top of their already utilitarian functions. As always, it is Chanel’s will to distinguish themselves from their peers, which is the main reason for their escape from the ordinary rules of fashion. The French brand works ceaselessly to shape the world of fashion and always displays perfection, fantasy, and luxury throughout their collections. No article of clothing is ever left out in the never-ending quest for eternal beauty. That’s because, when we think of the Chanel name, we don’t consider beauty as a single detail, instead, we see beauty as a sum of all details. Furthermore, the fashionable head jewelry created by Chanel is the perfect illustration of the brand’s perfectionist attitude which creates entire departments dedicated to each fashion accessory related to a woman’s clothing. Always designed to complement a woman’s style, head jewelry made by Chanel are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials. They work to enhance your hairstyle by adding elegance, order, and color, as well as a touch of fantasy to your head.

Chanel’s fashion designers are renown for always bringing luxury, as well as a sense of festivity, to their head jewelry. Whether you’re looking for hair clips, elastics, barrettes or other hair accessories, pieces of Chanel jewelry are available in an abundance of versatile colors and designs. For example, Chanel hairclips are typically used to tie your hair in a ponytail, however, with a clip or a clasp, you’ll equally be able to create a stylish bun. Elastics and scrunchies are known for their user-friendly simplicity and, with no more than two twists of the wrist, you can keep your ponytail or bun in good order throughout the entire day. However, those produced by Chanel are designed to retain this simplicity, while also adding more presence and color to your hairstyle. As always, the designers of these pieces include the emblematic double C logo on their accessories, which guarantees their origin from one of the most renown fashion brands on the 21st century.

Joli Closet’s Collection of Second-Hand Head Jewelry by Chanel
Joli Closet, your beloved advisor and provider of high fashion products, puts their entire collection of pre-loved head jewelry by Chanel at your disposal. These precious jewels are kept in a like-new state and are always free of any defects. Moreover, being backed by the Chanel name means that they will retain their value throughout the years and are more of an investment than a purchase. Chanel hair elastics are typically engraved with the brand’s logo and are mounted with a single jewel, ceramic or another type of precious metal. Their barrettes are usually adorned with a felt knot, pearl or floral pattern and are guaranteed to garner both the respect and interest of those around you. The diversified collection offered by Joli Closet will allow you to find high-end fashion accessories at affordable prices. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find something that is perfect for your tastes and your hair that will also pair perfectly with any of your outfits.

The Raised Rectangle Barrette by Chanel
This barrette is a stunning piece that takes on a minimalist design. With a rectangular shape, it has rounded edges and has smaller different size rectangle raised on its surface. These raised rectangles are brown and bring a stunning contrast to the beige backdrop of the piece’s body. The finesse of the piece and the shadows of the relief pattern are reminiscent of works of art from the minimalism or cubism genres.

Baroque Jewelry with Camellia Patterns
This stunningly rare piece is a simple ring that is adorned with a beautiful floral relief. With its intense golden color and floral pattern encrusted with crystal and pearl, this piece appears to be a work of art directly from the Baroque period and will add a touch of fantasy to any ponytail. Also, this unique piece doubles and can be used as a scarf ring as well.

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