Chanel Sandals

Chanel Sandals

Elegance comes from finding the perfect balance between the beauty and simplicity of a fashion accessory. This quest for elegance holds an important place in the hearts of women since each and every day, we seek to recreate our style by alternating the things that we wear. Other than the practical use of clothing, being well-dressed allows us to feel good about ourselves and lets us spread this joy to the others that we encounter throughout our day. A good fashion brand will always be the one that continuously seeks to ignite this spark in not only the hearts of those who wear their fashions but also in the hearts of the people they pass by in the streets. Year after year and for more than a century now, there has been one brand that has always searched to inspire the essence of beauty in the simplicity of their products’ color, material and design. By uplifting fashion to the status of an art form, Chanel has managed to rid fashion of any rules that had previously weighed it down. This can all be summed up by Miss Coco herself when she said, “Fashion may go out of style, but style itself never does.” Towards the end of the 1950s, Chanel created the two-tone sandal which single-handedly sought to redefine style through their lines, color, and material. In doing so, the brand proved that well-being does not necessarily come from sophistication or the richness of the materials in which we dress. In the world of fashion, sandals are one type of accessory that can perfectly balance simplicity with liberty. By barely covering any of the body, sandals allow you to maintain a closeness with nature, as well as your immediate surroundings. Chanel sandals seek to accentuate this personal freedom while bridging the gap between humanity and nature. Furthermore, for women, choosing to dress our feet in such a mythical brand is proof of our own desire for elegance. From barefoot to covered, simple or high heeled, Chanel sandals come in a wide variety of colors which allow you to find the perfect pair that will match your own personal style.

Second-Hand Chanel Sandals from Joli Closet
To be able to dress properly, we must have faith in the stylistic vision of our fashion designers. For several years, Joli Closet has worked tirelessly to bring you the finest Chanel products from around the world. Luxury fashion requires not only good taste, but also, the experience provided by reality. By taking your desires into consideration, Joli Closet has brought you a collection of Chanel sandals that are sure to pique anyone’s interest. Always like new and in perfect condition, these iconic pieces from Chanel will bestow you with an elegance otherwise reserved for the angels, as well as a sense of well-being that will spread from the tips of your toes to the top of the sky. Through the following two pairs of sandals, you’ll be able to discover the exceptional quality and elegance that can be found in our collection.

Chanel Sandals from the Paris-Dallas Collection in Dark Turquoise
These are a magnificent flip-flop style sandal with a vertical tongue that helps keep the sandal in place. The tongue fits securely between your two biggest toes and stretches upward to your ankle. The top of the sandal is engraved with four stars and Chanel’s classic double C logo. The quilted interior of the sandal provides you with comfort and reminds you that you are indeed wearing another stunning product from Chanel. Furthermore, a secondary strap holds the sandal in place by wrapping another loop securely around your ankle.

Satin Chanel Sandals in Purple
These are a must-have pair of sandals that easily adapt to any surrounding thanks to their slightly raised heel. They are ideal for any type of event, from nights out on the town to romantic walks on the beach. Held in place by several straps, they take on a Spartan appearance, however, their color and heels suggest something much classier than that. On one of the straps that cross the top of the foot, you’ll find six silver knots engraved with the timeless Chanel logo.

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