Chanel clutch


Chanel clutch

The Chanel clutch speaks volumes about luxury and elegance, yet still manages to remain simple and distinguished. It works perfectly for all occasions, be it during the day or during the night.
Designed with practicality in mind, clutches are meant for discretion but also to help hide some of our most intimate secrets. As chic as they are timeless, Chanel’s classics are the essence of French elegance. And, with their simplicity, Chanel clutches offer both refined taste, as well as an aesthetic design. They are ideal for the busy modern woman who needs to combine their professional life with their family and social lives.

With Joli Closet, you will have access to this outpouring of vintage art through our large selection of Chanel clutches.

Used Chanel Clutches
Made of caviar or lambskin leather, or velvet, Chanel clutches are designed to imitate the tenderness of a gently caress. Whereas others made of more exotic materials such as python or alligator skin can raise you up to the ranks of stardom. Also, some clutches, paired with a chain, use other materials such as ruthenium, gold, silver or steel.
Joli Closet brings you an assortment of used Chanel clutches in “like new” condition at affordable prices.

Our Two Most Popular Chanel Clutch Collections

• The Camellia
The Camellia, created by Karl Lagerfeld, is a theme that has been continually revisited by the Chanel brand. A symbol of unconditional love and devotion, the Camellia illustrates Coco Chanel’s personal love of the brand. Of course, this may inspire thoughts of the book “The Lady of the Camellias” by Alexandre Dumas, but it also inspires thoughts of Chanel’s love affair with Boy Capel who would have surely offered her one.

• The Camera
Both discreet and functional, clutches from the Camera collection make for a great choice to be worn to any type of outing.
“The strength of a classic comes from its ability to adapt to all fashion trends and all generations by pairing well with jeans, as well as an evening dress.” For Bruno Pavlovski, this Chanel clutch with strap was designed by Mademoiselle to free our hands, as well as find a place in our closets.
Clutches from the Camera collection are available in a variety of turquoise leathers with shoulder strap, quilted leathers with shoulder strap, watercolors and many other styles to choose from.

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