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Chanel tote

Tote bags by Chanel are luxurious handbags that add a touch of refinement to woman’s natural beauty, all without losing anything of their practicality.

Chanel has built its reputation in leather goods by continuously creating unique pieces and using some of the finest avant-garde materials available on the market. Proudly representing French elegance, tote bags by Coco Chanel have been worn to some of the most fashionable parties by celebrities from around the world.

Our totes bags by Chanel are made with the best materials and are uniquely designed to proudly reincarnate the spirit of high-fashion. Each one of our bags is dutifully scrutinized by our designers to ensure authenticity, as well as near perfect condition. Many of our bags are sold with their authenticity cards intake and original dust covers made of black clothes.

Used Chanel Bags – Cheap Tote Bags by Chanel

Joli Closet is opening their doors to you so that you can have the opportunity to taste luxury at bargain prices. In our selection of Chanel tote bags, you will be able to see the brand’s diversity through their use of several rare materials such python skin, lambskin and even timeless caviar leather. The company also knows how to use softer materials such as cotton which is used for the Chanel Deauville tote bag. The Deauville is a canvas bag decorated with an elegant printing of Chanel’s address in Paris. Although a canvas bag may seem a little bit unusual for Chanel, it is no less refined than any other of their other designs. Chanel tote bags are guaranteed to retain their value over the years due to one detail in particular: the seams on these bags are so solid that they are sure to last through the decades.

With their spacious designs, most bags in this collection are intended to be big enough to fit everything you need from your files and folders, through to your laptop.

Below are a few of the Chanel tote bags offered by Joli Closet

Coco Cabas

The Coco Cabas by Chanel is a cult favorite with its large style and curved design. The Coco Cabas was originally designed for the supermodel Kate Moss, however, upon its initial release, the bag was so popular that it instantly won the status of being an “it-bag”. Still, despite its success, Chanel did not want to revisit the bag, making this unique bag a rare model whose value is sure to increase over time.

Chanel’s Python Coco Tote

This is another rare piece by Chanel tinted in a darker color which reflects tinges of blue and green under natural light. The interior of the bag is designed for long-term use and has a satin lining which helps to reinforce it. The bag uses a simple and elegant snap closure to protect its contents from prying eyes.

Sublime in its delicacy, the bag’s strap is interwoven with leather which provides a stunning contrast to the bag itself. Chanel’s Valerie Tote: A Unique Piece

If you’re looking for a totally unique Chanel piece, then look no further than this tote bag that was re-designed by the painter Valerie Brand. As a poetic impulse, this artist wanted to display chic through the image of two women with long, slender bodies. Although it is a personal piece, it clearly represents the Chanel spirit through its leather handles that are laced with a golden chain.

Chanel’s Deauville Tote

For this bag, the brand’s designers wanted to combine elegance with casual style. And, as a result, came the Deauville tote bag which can be worn as a handbag or over the shoulder.

Although its design makes it look like a beach bag, it is nonetheless a high-fashion product that benefits from fine details and a leather handle that is interwoven with gold chain.

Its most prominent feature is that it is undeniably lightweight when compared to other bags of the same size.

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