Chanel wallet


Chanel wallet

As a sign of total French elegance, Chanel wallets perfectly complement almost any style of dress through their timeless silhouettes. Chanel’s secret lies in the fact that their products are made by hand with pride and embody the pure essence of the brand. Furthermore, they combine practicality with style, all while retaining the highest level of simplicity. However, as it’s been proven time and time again by the brand, simplicity does not have to mean the absence of finesse.

Second-Hand Wallets by Chanel – Affordable Chanel Wallets
Most of the pieces in our collection are made of a super-chic leather covering. Furthermore, the brand’s artisans and their superior leather craftsmanship have often lead to the creation of elegant designer pieces that are ranked as some of the best pieces to have ever come from the Chanel name. While some of our second-hand wallets have a grainy or quilted covering, others are smooth and as supple as a woman’s skin. Many know the camellia flower as the symbol of the Chanel name and our Camellia wallets make for one of the highlights of our collection. Far more than just a flower, the camellia has risen to the top as an iconic emblem of the brand. Today, Karl Lagerfeld continues to re-work the camellia flower into many of his eccentric creations. Therefore, it’s no wonder that one of his most elegant wedding dresses was created and inspired by using a whole bouquet of camellia flowers. Coming back to Chanel wallets, they’ve set themselves apart as being the brand’s guarantee of robust design that stands up to the test of time. In addition to this, our team makes sure to scrutinize every piece, ensuring that they are authentic and free of any defects.

Camellia Wallets
No one knows exactly why Coco Chanel was drawn to the camellia but, we do know that she adored it. One of the reasons might be because the camellia does not lose its flowers or the fact that it seems to never age and remains attractive throughout all throughout the year. By dubbing this wallet with the same name, Chanel wanted to portray the brand’s characteristic charm, long-lasting durability, and all this made possible by the delicate care given to every detail of its leather exterior.

The Timeless CC Wallet on Chain
As the name implies, the Timeless CC Wallet on Chain is adorned with a magnificent silver chain which makes it easy to wear over the shoulder. The classic double C logo is embroidered into the wallet’s seams, giving it an appearance that is both refined and sobering. Furthermore, this model is sold with a matching dust-bag so that you can keep your wallet safe even when it’s not being used.

The Black Chanel Wallet in Leather
Dressed in seductive black, this Chanel wallet balances has a leather clasp and perfectly balances both luxury and elegance. Joli Closet offers you this stunning piece, as well as its original Chanel box which is decorated with a white camellia flower. This combination functions to forever help you keep the spirit of the brand close to your heart.

The Chanel Calfskin Wallet in Ochre
This wallet crafted in calfskin will seduce your senses with its hues of ochre and beige that complement its grainy exterior. Its complexion embodies softness inside and out and highlights the elegance and simplicity that is so often associated with the brand. In addition, this model comes with its original packaging which is dressed in a bold and striking black.

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