Chanel handbag


Chanel handbag

Chanel Handbags have always been a safe bet for those who are looking for a more distinguished wardrobe. For many, they have become a fashion goal and the company has marked our society with both its style and elegance.
Timeless and classic, Chanel handbags proudly represent French chic on the world stage. These luxurious handbags confer an elegant image by combining simplicity, functionality, as well as aesthetic much in the same spirit as Coco Chanel herself.

Used Chanel Handbags
Chanel is characterized by its timelessness and does not follow trends. Instead, it is the poster-child for refined tastes and transcends all eras. Conversely, in the world of high-fashion, where trends are constantly changing, Chanel handbags have managed to keep their value, which has been steadily increasing ever since (notably the 2.55).
Chanel uses only the finest materials such as lambskin, veal, python, and sting-ray for the creation of its masterpieces and the design of such luxurious handbags can require the work of up to 15 people.
Joli Closet brings you the opportunity to rediscover this classic brand through our large selection of Chanel handbags. In addition to classic bags such as the Timeless and the Boy, our collection is also filled with other bags that have helped build the brand’s reputation such as the Mademoiselle and Coco Cabas.
There’s sure to be something in every size such as the Timeless Maxi Jumbo, a large handbag big enough to carry an 11-inch laptop and still have enough room left over for your other accessories. Each one of our bags is thoroughly examined by our designers to verify authenticity and also to ensure perfect “like-new” quality.

Our 3 Most Popular Chanel Collections
• The Timeless
The Timeless is classed as one of the classic Chanel handbags and the first models, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, elegantly display a double interlocking C clasp.
The classic Timeless is reissued in leather by the company every year and there is also an entirely new collection of Timeless handbags which exhibit much brighter colors in comparison to the first designs. In addition, the collection houses a few rare pieces such as the white Timeless Jumbo made of caviar leather or the mini Timeless in gold leather adorned with gold jewelry.

• The Boy
In 2010, Karl Lagerfeld created a handbag as a tribute to Mademoiselle’s (the nickname for the famous seamstress) affair with Polo player and businessman Arthur Capel, otherwise known as “Boy”. Lagerfield’s image for the Boy was inspired by a bandolier worn by Coco Chanel and her lover when they left to go hunting. Seduced by the latter’s style, a touch of masculinity was added to the bag.
Both refined and slightly mysterious, the Boy is available in many different versions of itself since its creation. Sometimes quilted, sometimes braided, the Boy can easily be recognized by its rectangular metal clasp and a strap that is thicker than other bags.

• The Iconic 2.55
An iconic handbag, to say the least, the 2.55 was designed by none other than Coco Chanel in February 1955, which is where it got its name from. Mademoiselle couldn’t stand having her hands tied up with her handbag while she was out and about and already, in the early 1930s, Chanel had been adorning her handbags with adjustable straps making it possible to wear them over the shoulder as well.
The 2.55 fits perfectly in the Chanel lineup with its well-balanced combination of comfort, aesthetic and charm. Not long after its release, it was quickly adopted by the likes of celebrities such as Jacky Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. Easily recognizable by its metal chain and rectangular clasp, the bag was baptized as the “Mademoiselle”.
This iconic handbag continues to be revisited each year and can be found in a variety of different vintage leathers, all the way through to vinyl. It can also be found in new color shades every year and its popularity, as well as its value, continue to rise with time. At the time of its release, the 2.55 was valued at about $220, while more recently, in 2018, its value had reached a record of 4,990€, even 5420€ for the jumbo version. It’s impossible to tell just how much more its value will increase in the coming years, but one thing that is certain is that it makes for an excellent investment.

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