Chanel dress

Chanel dress

In all our closets, our dresses are without a doubt our favorite pieces of clothing. Reserved for nights out on the town, we rely on them to reveal our inner beauty through their dazzling styles and stunning designs. For women, the most famous dress of all time is the one bestowed to Cinderella by her fairy godmother. Furthermore, many of us constantly try to relive that magical moment every time that we get dressed up to go out to a party or even just for an evening stroll through the streets. However, contrary to fairy tales, sometimes, it’s impossible to find a fairy godmother to advise us on our attire. Still, not all is lost. In times like these, we can turn to the real-world’s talented seamstresses and their skilled fingers to create stunning dresses that would make any fairy godmother turn green with envy. For more than a century, Chanel has made use of the talented fingers of countless “fairy tale” seamstresses, skilled in their use of needle and thread, to create dazzling pieces that are sure to take your breath away.

Launched in 1909 by Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel, the brand has since become an icon in the world of luxury and has relieved fashion of many of the Puritan rules that had been holding it back. The great historian, Vigarello, once wrote, “A dress always obeys its context.”, meaning that above meeting the moral and idyllic requirements of the era, dresses have often had to sacrifice their style to profit those other than the ones wearing it. However, the release of Chanel’s “little black dress” marked a turning point in the world of fashion. Furthermore, with their pleated skirt and women’s pants, the brand clearly defined the end of an era that had ruled since ancient times. The little black dress was able to put a woman’s body at the heart of seduction by showing off their legs and arms, which are lengthened by the way that the dress stops suddenly above the knee and at the shoulders. Still, the little black dress does not reduce the creative genius of its designers. Instead, it extends itself into all currents of thought. Like any other product from the Chanel lineup, the little black dress has worked to transform and affirm every form of feminism present during the past century. Chanel is a brand that, through its collections, has always worked to relive the glamor and magic that has been present inside each of us since our childhood. Each dress from Chanel, depending on their style, material, and design, work to separate you from the familiar monotony of life and place you on a pedestal at the center of everyone’s attention. Every second spent within the seams of a Chanel dress will increase your joy and enhance your inner glamor.

Chane Dress
Joli Closet is your fairy godmother who works tirelessly to bring you exceptional dresses from Chanel. We are the looking glass through which you get a look at magnificent pieces that are sure to separate you and welcome you into the world of high-fashion and luxury. Our pieces are always inspected by our experts to guarantee their authenticity and perfect condition. Because of our quality and our desire to ravish you, Joli Closet is and will remain, your favorite online provider of stunning Chanel dresses. By viewing the following two dresses, you’ll quickly discover the magnificence and sobriety of our collection.

The Modern Chanel Graffiti Dress
This black dress has a double stripe of graffiti toward its lower end and perfectly illustrates the philosophy of the brand which works to advertise elegance through the simplicity of shape and color. Like a maid’s outfit, this dress is fringed around the neck and the pleats in the chest area give it a classic roman feel.

The Two-Tone Wool Dress by Chanel
This dress charms through Chanel’s use of wool, as well as its two-color tones, which remain loyal to the brand’s two-tone approach so often put forth in their collections. In the middle of the dress, there are vertical wool stripes in a stunning salmon-pink color which work to augment your breast while slimming your entire figure. Furthermore, since this is a rather short dress, it was created to enhance and show off the sensuality of your legs.

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