Chanel jacket

Chanel jacket

As one of the trademark creations from the French fashion house, Coco Chanel’s vests and jackets have completely disrupted and overturned the rules of fashion that were established at the time. Having started out as a typically male garment, jackets and vests have since become a symbol of elegance due to the creative genius of Miss Coco Chanel. To honor the very moment when Coco Chanel was struck with the inspiration for her very own jacket, Karl Lagerfeld had the idea to produce the short film known as “The CC World”, in which singer Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne interpret a song. Furthermore, during the video, you can easily spot a magnificent jacket on Miss Coco (played by Géraldine Chaplin) which makes her stand out from the others in the video. Chanel’s creations are meant to move you and have an air of modernity to them. Timeless, yet contemporary, they display a sort of luxury that is felt through words that simply cannot be explained. As for Mister Lagerfeld, there have always been three pieces of clothing that simply never go out of style: jeans, white shirts, and Chanel jackets.

Affordable Second-Hand Vests by Chanel
Since the release of their very first jackets, celebrities from around the world have always loved the look of the brand’s style. You can easily find some of the most beautiful women in the world wearing Chanel products. The likes of Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, and Romy Schneider have often been dressed in Chanel jacket on and off of the set. With the arrival of Karl Lagerfeld at the head of the French fashion studio, he was able to begin creating ensembles that combined jackets and vests with mini-skirts and jean-skirts. He was able to take fashion to a whole new level since jackets and vests are versatile and can be paired with almost any other style of clothing. Each of the second-hand vests in our collection is hand-made and imbued with the spirit of high-fashion itself. Their designs, however, although different in style and color, remain loyal to the essence and presence of Mademoiselle Chanel herself. Although it is often hidden, the back of every vest is just as elegant and the front and benefits from the finest attention to detail. Coco Chanel herself used to say, “The back of any jacket must be just as elegant as the front of it.” As we’ve said, each vest from Chanel is hand-made and requires nearly 130 hours of dedicated finesse to be deemed worthy of the world of luxury fashion. The elegance and movement, as well as a minimalist approach, are always characteristics that can be found in any of Chanel's fashions For the sake of authenticity, each vest in our collection is checked by our designers and guaranteed to be in like new condition. One look at the following gems and you’ll instantly fall in love with the charm of our collection.

Chanel tweed jacket
This is likely one of the most emblematic jackets in our Chanel collection. This gorgeous vest is easily distinguished by its seductive style and its frayed cuffs. Both elegant and sobering in color, this vest is easily paired with any of your outfit combinations.

The Summer Jacket in White and Camel
This stunning two-tone jacket in size 40 charms all those who wear it. Held together by stunning buttons, each struck with the famous double C logo of the brand, the jacket’s silk, and cotton fabric gives it a lightness and softness, as well as a touch of aesthetic style. Furthermore, three golden buttons accentuate the jacket’s fringed sleeves and make it the perfect jacket to be worn at the most exclusive parties.

The Classic Leather and Wool Coat
Made of handwoven wool, this jacket will captivate onlookers with its multicolored hues. Both chic and refined, it combines a cross-over style jacket and an elegant black leather lapel which put it at the top of its class. The buttons on the front of the jacket proudly sport the Chanel logo which is engraved in gold to contrast a sobering black background. This jacket is another rare and magnificent piece from Chanel, which will dress you in nothing less than distinction.

The Stunning White Cotton Jacket
Above its aesthetic aspect, this white cotton jacket, size 40, is differentiated from the others by its stylish and classic zipper. Moreover, the jacket’s designers did not skimp out on its practicality and gave it 4 pockets, each held shut by a stylish gold button. The same stunning buttons can be found on the jacket’s sleeves, giving it a shimmering style and an overall wise design. Its tweed style denotes the dexterity and creativeness of Chanel’s fashion planners to dynamize a jacket that gives its wearer an air of exclusivity.

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