Chanel skirt

Chanel skirt

Since the 1950s, skirts have always fed men’s fantasies by revealing the sensuality of a woman’s legs. Depending on the culture, skirts have been worn by men and women, however, more recently, seamstresses and fashion designers have worked to create stunning skirts with more of a feminine touch. Chanel knew to make use of this garment to create superb works that completely redefine a woman’s look. Always in her vision to liberate women from tradition, Coco Chanel shortened the skirts in her collection to show off and enhance the legs of the women who wear them. However, during her time, Miss Coco was against the mini-skirt and deemed them inappropriate for her tastes. For her, revealing a woman’s beauty in this way took away some of the mystery that lives within us all.

Affordable and Stylish Second-Hand Skirts by Chanel
Our collection of stunning second-hand skirts from Chanel is directed particularly towards you. Each has a perfect fit and unites the perfection of simplicity with convenience and elegance. Hand-made, these skirts are crafted from the finest materials which include lambskin, silk and even cotton. In our collection, you’ll also find one piece that has been revisited in denim, which has taken the world of fashion by storm for some time now. Skirts have managed to stay popular throughout the years and have certainly not gone out of style. This also goes for many of the other creations from the Chanel brand which have been so elegantly redesigned by the famous Karl Lagerfeld. For years, Chanel’s lineups have followed one another and have continued to ravish all those who wear them without ever becoming obsolete. Quite on the contrary, they have remained timeless and have managed to become an essential fashion easily found at any type of social event. The brand has become known for their immaculate attention to detail and the finesse of each one of their works. Furthermore, the skirts found in the following collection are no exception to the rule. They are all in excellent condition and do not have any defects that are not mentioned in their presentation. Furthermore, our skirts are always verified by our designers to ensure their authenticity and to remove any doubts as to their origins.

The Timeless Velvet Skirt by Chanel
This stunning black velvet skirt is an ode to the creative genius of Coco Chanel and the creation of her little black dress. In her time, a black dress was only worn during times of mourning or during a person’s wake. However, Miss Coco managed to disassociate this somber color by transforming it and using it throughout many of her various creations. At the back of this velvet dress, you’ll find two buttons in the shape of golden carnations, minted with the brand’s logo, which remains loyal to the simplicity and style of the Chanel name.

Chanel Grey Denim Skirt
Through the creation of this flared denim skirt, Chanel puts the dexterity and creative genius of their seamstresses at the forefront of fashion and design. Moreover, little yellow patchworks add a touch of fantasy to the dress which contrasts its sobering grey denim color. At the front of the skirt, Chanel’s designers added two pockets giving it a practical aspect, as well as a touch of elegance. As a timeless piece, this skirt is ideal for everyday wear and can easily be matched to any type of top. This is the type of clothing which refines your style with nothing less than its very own simplicity.

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