Chanel flats

Chanel flats

For many women, ballerinas are the embodiment of pure femininity, charm and beauty in its purest form. As it would seem, they’re not wrong. And, this is the exact reason that Chanel’s talented fashion designers put as much passion and ingenuity into the conception of their ballet flats, as they would for any other of their fashion creations. The fabulous ballet flats offered by the esteemed French fashion house are known for being able to pair well with practically any style of dress. Whether you’re fond of wearing flowing evening dresses or have simpler tastes and prefer jeans, ballet flats by Chanel are versatile and might just be the perfect accessory that you’ve been searching for. Joli Closet provides you with an astonishing array of ballet flats whose originality remains straight and true from their initial design and the materials used to fabricate them, through to the finished product. Miss Coco was always a perfectionist and always paid close attention to element and detail of her luxurious fashion products. And, when it comes to ballet flats designed and created by Chanel, things are certainly not any different.

Snazzy Second-Hand Ballet Flats at Fabulous Prices
At Joli Closet, you’ll always have your choice of stunning ballet flats at unbeatable prices. In most cases, you’ll be looking at second-hand flats by Chane put up for sale by their current owners. Therefore, to ensure quality and value, Joli Closet has an entire team committed solely to inspecting and verifying the authenticity, as well as the originality of each piece. In our online boutique, you’ll find ballet flats crafted from plenty of classic materials such as leather and suede. However, if you prefer a more breathable material, you can browse our selection of less expensive ballet flats made from lighter fabrics. With dazzling decorative bows, our ballet flats are sure to put your feet at the center of attention and will complete the look of whatever style of clothing you choose to dress yourself in. From her head to her toes, ballet flats by Chanel have truly focused on enhancing the beauty of the women who wear them. Essentially, it is for this exact reason that their designs are so diverse, leaving plenty of room for Chanel’s designers to move around and truly express their creative talents. Moreover, you’ll have your choice of ballets flats charmingly crafted from black and white lambskin, satin or plain caviar leather dotted with elegant flowers to decorate the top of your foot. Each product is passed under the perfectionist eyes of our expert designers before being sold on our site. In other words, each piece is guaranteed to be in mint condition at the time of your purchase. To give you a better idea of the ballet flats offered by Joli Closet, here are a few select pieces from our collection that are sure to pique your interest.

The Aquamarine Ballet Flats by Chanel
This beautiful pair of ballet flats by Chanel is crafted from leather and comes in an sumptuous aquamarine color contoured with a black edging around the sides, toe and rear of the flat to add an aesthetic touch to a rather simple piece. The classic double CC emblem is delicately engraved into the leather and confirms the pair’s authenticity. Also, these flats benefit from a stylish decorative bow at the top of the flat which helps to further distinguish it from the other pieces in our collection.

Cream-Colored Chanel Flats
For those with their hearts set on vintage ballet flats by Chanel, Joli Closet knows how to satisfy your desires. However, one must always remember that the more an item becomes rare, the more its value will increase. With that said, in our collection, you’ll find these ballet flats in a fabulous cream color whose aesthetic value is guaranteed to elevate your charm when worn to any type of event. These are second-hand flats from Coco Chanel that come with a smaller size sole, which helps to add and increase comfort when worn.

Chanel Pointed Ballet Flats
There will always be fans who prefer these to the other styles of ballet flats. In the end, it boils down to distinction and onlookers will truly have to pay attention to be able to tell that you are indeed weaing ballets flats. On Joli Closet, you’ll find many similar pointed styles such as these ones from our collection that come cut from bold black leather. To further the aesthetic value of these flats, you’ll find a delicate butterfly knot near the front of the shoe. These flats have a sober design and are divided by a stunning black line in the center of the bow. A discreet decoration that still brings with it all the charm and charisma that has always characterized the Chanel brand.

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