Chanel heels

Chanel heels

Without a doubt, the most famous story involving a shoe is the story of Cinderella. As little girls, not only did we have lucid dreams of finding our prince charming, we also dreamt of wearing the stunning heels fit for a princess. How many times have we not adorned ourselves delicately in high heels while imagining our prince charming sliding that glass slipper onto our foot? Since the creation of the brand in 1909, it has always been Chanel’s goal to combine the enchantment of Cinderella’s story with true luxury and stunning sobriety of reality. Over the years, the brand’s stylistic approach has continuously worked to lighten and alleviate a woman’s style with a puritanical approach. In all her creations, Coco Chanel has searched to bring physical and psychological comfort to women, all while disposing of the moral straight jacket enforced by the rules of society. From their little black dress to their mythical two-tone sling-back heel, Chanel has rejected all stylistic oppressions and has completely redefined the world of aesthetics. Meanwhile, Chanel has never compromised any of the fairytale perceptions of the glass slipper. Instead, she honors our little girl fantasies by creating timeless pieces that transport us into another world. In other words, for many women, heels and pumps from Chanel have become the ever-elusive glass slipper of our dreams.

Accessory of a Femme Fatale
Ideal for accentuating our legs and lengthening our silhouette, wearing a pair of heels works to feminize our bodies while automatically giving us an appearance deemed appropriate for the red carpet. Undoubtedly, high heels are the perfect seduction tool for women and give us a gait like the world’s sexiest and most beautiful top models. Heels and pumps by Chanel add to our height, while also stirring emotions in the hearts and souls of the men around us.

Chanel Heels and Chanel Pumps
With the same tastes and desires for fashion as our customers, Joli Closet is constantly on the look out for fabulous fashion accessories from Chanel which, of course, include second-hand heels and pumps. In our collection, you’ll have your choice of a wide range of colors, materials and timeless styles such as our bridal shoe, low-cut heel, stiletto, as well as many more. Our heels come in plastic, lambskin and caviar leather and have all taken into consideration both the exterior wear of the shoe, as well as the interior, which so delicately caresses your feet when worn. These heels are designed to equally distribute your weight and prevent it from being carried in your calf, which means that wearing them will not cause your legs to ache. Furthermore, Joli Closet works to assure the perfect quality of each piece by having them inspected by our experts and, before even being put up for sale. Two of our most remarkable heels from Chanel, which have distinguished themselves by their originality and style, are the two-tone slingback heels and the two-tone baby heels.

Two-Tone Chanel Slingback Heels
It was back in 1965 that Coco Chanel originally launched this lineup of bridal shoes for women. With the way that they so easily slide on and off your foot, especially when speaking of their version with elastic straps, these heels have become of symbol of women’s liberation. Worn by the likes of Jane Fonda, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and even Romy Schneider, these heels, with their black leather tips are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Moreover, one version of this shoe even comes encrusted with delicate and stunning crystal to further accentuate your feminine qualities.

Two-Tone Chanel Baby Heels
Available in a variety of gorgeous colors, these heels are distinguished by their shorter heel and leather tongue, which stretches from the tip of the shoe up to the buckle, which so delicately divides your foot into two hemispheres. In one timeless black and white version, these heels come with a black PVC toe and a body made of soft and subtle white satin. These are a classic Chanel heel which gives you a serious look without compromising on the innocence of childhood.

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