Chanel Ankle boots

Chanel Ankle boots

Like music and the arts, fashion is the vessel that carries conceptual beauty from the minds of the creator into the real world. Using different colors, materials, and mediums, fashion brings happiness into our lives, locations and personal encounters. Furthermore, the more refined a creation is, the happier we are to wear it with pride and dignity. If fairy tales had long ago highlighted the desire for stylish clothing and fashionable accessories, it was rather difficult to find beauty or elegance in any of the works crafted by the artisans of the time. However, starting in 1908, our idea of fashion was completely redefined, while maintaining the age-old desire to enhance a woman’s beauty through their clothing. Since then, Chanel has worked tirelessly to illustrate the beauty of men and women by restoring the allure of their bodies in the eyes of nature.

For Chanel, the iconic brand from Cambon Street, the art of fashion is used to enhance the physical and mental well-being of men and women. At the time, the rules of fashion were heavily influenced by the prejudice and moral intrusiveness of a woman’s beauty. Therefore, Coco Chanel, the founder of the fashion brand, preferred the to lighten this approach by turning to the centuries-old style and refinement of the finest materials and most talented craftsmen. With a vision to disrupt their common usage, Chanel was particularly fond of the low-cut boots that were made popular by farmers and peasants at the time. And, since she was fascinated by horse races and farm life, Coco Chanel decided that she wanted to appropriate their initial function to turn them into a fashionable accessory for women. Although Miss Coco never integrated them into her lineup, in 1958, she experimented by dressing her favorite model, Marie-Hélène Arnaud in a similar pair of boots. It wasn’t until 1983, when Karl Lagerfeld took the position as the company’s artistic directory, that the Chanel name was indelibly bestowed into the production of boots.
Typically, ankle boots and low-cut boots are unisex accessories that speak of discipline and stylistic charm according to their material, color, and pattern. By projecting a certain strength of character, like many of their products, low-cut boots by Chanel are ideal for those looking to liberate themselves from the traditional constraints of fashion. Explaining her love of low-cut boots, Coco Chanel once said, “Sometimes, my ankles swell a little bit. And, by wearing boots, it’s impossible to tell! One day, we will add them to our collection.”

Second-Hand Low-Cut Boots from Joli Closet
Joli Closet is your online provider of luxury fashion and accessories. We know and understand your desire for beauty and luxury, which is why our top priority is always to enrich your wardrobe with the most glamorous styles and trends. We search high and low to bring you the most exceptional works of art from Chanel in the form of boots and low-cut boots. The boots found on our website are spotted by our experts and scrutinized before ever being shipped out to our customers. Furthermore, to feed your desires, we only stock pieces that have been well-preserved and are in excellent condition. Discover the magic of the affordable second-hand products in our collection through the following magnificent pieces.

The Low-Cut Camellia Boot by Chanel
These are a magnificent pair of two-tone boots from the Camellia collection for women. Made from supple black leather, these boots pair nicely with their square tips cut from an even harder black leather. Just above the tip of the boot, you’ll find a natural sized camellia flower which gives the piece a racy elegance. Worn by a multitude of American starlets, these two-tone camellia boots by Chanel might just by the addition to your wardrobe that you’ve been looking for. With both square and beveled corners, these boots fit perfectly in the category of multi-use footwear. The top of the boot ends directly at the ankle and is easily opened and closed by a zipper placed on the inside of the boot.

The Quilted Ankle Boot by Chanel
This is a unisex ankle boot that is timeless and is currently loved and worn by several American rappers. The body of this boot is cut from caviar leather tinted in a dark metallic black and the tip of the boot is cut from a seductive black suede that will turn heads wherever you go. Overall, these are a beautiful creation imbued by the charm presented from their quilted pattern.

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