Chanel hat

Chanel hat

The big and bold hats worn by Queen Elizabeth II are the perfect illustration of how headwear can be the symbolize of pure elegance and dignity. While the use of hats as a fashion accessory has become less prevalent since the beginning of the 20th century, they are nonetheless still a privileged accessory for those who have a keen eye for detail. In the world of seductive hats and fashionable trends, there has always been one name that has stood out from the rest. In fact, Coco Chanel, the famous fashionista and founder of the Chanel fashion house, had begun her career by offering headwear to the Parisian public. At first, things were slow, but it wasn’t long before Chanel became a reputable name in the industry and she began to diversify her collections. Legend has it that it was Miss Coco’s sweetheart, Boy Capel, who originally suggested that she begin selling the hats that she had already been making for herself and always drew massive amounts of attention wherever they went. Since then, Chanel has maintained their role as a leader in the creation of luxury hats by staying loyal to the fashion ideals of its founder and has climbed their way to the leadership ranks of contemporary fashion.

Like many other fashion accessories, luxury hats have managed to transcend the ages and throughout the times it has taken on an abundance of symbolism associated with its many forms. Throughout the centuries, the hat has also been locked in a stylistic stronghold that has ended up sacrificing style and elegance for mass production. With the artistic spirit of the 20th century, Chanel has drawn inspiration from movements such as Cubism and is renown for their use of simplistic forms and the purity shapes. In more general terms, Chanel has redefined fashion and can be credited with many of the fashion trends that we still follow to this day. From styles such as the Melon, charlotte, faluche or capeline, Chanel’s fashion designers give you not only choice of the shape, but also of the material.

Fashionable Second-Hand Hats from Chanel at Affordable Prices
Hats are a sensitive fashion accessory in the sense that a simple faux-pas is quickly noticed by those around you. Therfore, you must be able to trust your fashion designers to create headwears that will stand up to the test of time and remain appropriate to be worn wherever you go. Joli Closet is your premier online shop from trendy second-hand hats and headwear by Chanel. Guaranteed to enhance your style, each item is affordable and will agree with almost any budget. Bestowing upon you the majesty of the mythical brand, Joli Closet always ensure the quality of the items that are put up for sale. They are always in mint condition and free of any defects when they are shipped to you.

Through the following descriptions of the two-tone bell style hat and the braided cashmere bonnet, you’ll quickly discover the stylistic scope of the Chanel brand and the rigorous selection process that allows us to offer only the finest items to our customer.

The Two-Tone Bell-Style Hat from Chanel

Made entirely from cotton, this hat was always one of the favorite of Coco Chanel herself. This hat draws its strength from not only velvety texture, but also its use of stunning colors to enhance its style. The seams at the edge of the hat are sewn with black cotton, as are the trim near the base of the cap. Furthermore, you’ll find the metallic silver double C logo around the base of the cap, which plays a role in the contrast black and white color scheme of the hat.

The Braided Cashmere Bonnet by Chanel
This hat is one of Chanel’s best-sellers of all time. Its aquamarine color gives it the elegance and appeal of royal attire and its ultra-soft cashmere will make you hesitant to ever take it off your head. Furthermore, the braided cashmere give the bonnet a classic allure and a small metal tag proudly sport the brand traditional double C logo.

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