Chanel ring

Chanel Ring

To transcend time, one must live many lives. Since the creation of their first collection back in 1932, Chanel has worked ceaselessly to set trends for the future, rather than the present. The brand created by Mademoiselle Chanel has always been known for being young, proud and naïve in its avant-garde vision of the future. Like any other jewelry from the iconic brand, Chanel rings have benefited from the cumulative experience of one of the world’s oldest and most influential names in fashion. Adorned with rare stones such as diamonds, emeralds or Swarovski crystal, these rings will become the representation of the sweetest memories that you’ll associate them with. Joli Closet offers you a wide range of rings by Chanel. Each and every one of them cast in precious metals and detailed with superior craftsmanship.

Used Chanel Rings
For thousands of years, rings have been associated with the world of mysticism. Often, they have brought the legitimacy to princes of royal successions or have been sealed with supernatural power by some ancient ancestor. A woman’s ring can be compared to a lighthouse on the hand as they project our emotions directly from the finger that wears it. They are undoubtedly an accessory that we simply can’t live without. In every Chanel ring lives the spirit of an ancestor that reassures and affirms the audacity of the young. The rings offered by Joli Closet are specially chosen to transcend time by living through our greatest moment, as well as those of our children. As always, used Chanel rings from Joli Closet are free from any defects and only those that are in perfect, “like-new” condition of retained for sale. Let’s jump in and discover some of the highlights of our collection from the emblematic Chanel.

The Gold-Diamond Quilted Ring by Chanel
Today, the quilted ring with two intertwined CC has become one of the most distinctive motifs from the brand. Cast in white gold, the ring takes on a variety of monochrome under the shimmer of its 72 diamonds encrusted in 8 different patterns. The combination of white gold and diamonds is in perfect proportion with the piece and gives it a luxurious and truly elegant look.

The Half-Cube Ring by Chanel
The ingenuity of a major name brand comes from their ability to appropriate ideas and concepts that are trending in other sectors unrelated to it and the half-cube ring by Chanel is a wonderful tribute to cubism. It is a ring that will reflect not only your culture but also your open-minded spirit. The ring is adorned with two large pearls at right angles from each other, which adds a little bit of originality to the piece. Moreover, the silver of the ring itself and the distinct Chanel CC engraved on the pearls give the piece its characteristic charm.

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