Chanel Pendant necklace

Chanel Pendant necklace

The pendants symbolized the power and wealth of yesteryear, just like the pins from elsewhere. They guarantee exclusivity and separation from ordinary people. The Chanel house has appropriated this symbol to imbue it with its own reinterpretation of a luxury jewel.
for her, the creation of a work of art begins with the judicious selection of stones and exceptional materials such as ceramics, the diamond, pearls or white gold. So, Chanel stamped pendants integrate in their conceptualization carefully selected materials with respect to their aesthetic quality and their rarity..

Chanel Pendants - Chanel Pendants cheaper
The Chanel pendants on Joli Closet are among those jewels that, by wearing them around the neck, manage to upgrade your dress style casually, And this, whatever it is: chic or casual. Worked from precious metals, they will emphasize your refinement and your delicacy in the eyes of the men. The responsibility of verifying the authenticity of each jewel displayed on the site is up to our designers.
In the collection, especially note this pendant with the effigy of Miss Coco Chanel sporting an outfit both glamorous and refined in black and white. Created to honor the stylistic heritage of the group's founder, this model also acts as porteclé.

The lipstick model pays a fitting tribute to this feminine accessory with a rotating case, sketched by Miss Coco Chanel in the years 30. Its peak-shaped design to the sky is a pictorial translation of the Coco Chanel spirit, to know, a businesswoman sure of her and who cultivates the love of detail.
Find below three other models of pendants second hand that stand out. For the sake of authenticity, they have all been checked by our designers and have been meticulously scrutinized for defects.

Two tone Chanel pendant
This beautiful pendant captivates the eyes with its zebrid complexion in transparent black and blue. If blue brings to the lined C crisscrossed freshness, the black plays on the subtlety of the contrast. The whole forms a harmonious visual ensemble in keeping with the spirit of the brand. Its resin material is thick 5 cm serves as a solid shell while keeping its lightness. A configuration of 4,5 cm long for 3,5 cm wide accentuates the "showy" side of this beauty accessory.

The lipstick model
Output, the usual refuge of a lipstick is in a bag. Apparently, the designers of the Chanel house do not seem to agree with this precept by creating this pendant.
Known for tweaking her work in every detail, the house has endowed this feminine seduction accessory with a touch of captivating realism. miss, herself, considered lipsticks as "the first weapon of seduction". So, why not a lipstick hanging around the neck to charm your entourage ?

Coco Chanel gold metal medallion
With its golden complexion, this medallion-shaped pendant recalls the medals awarded to the winners of a sports competition. The kind of accessory that pulls up the social rank to its owner. The motif "Coco Chanel" engraved on the protruding part of the medallion testifies to its membership in the register of high-end. Wearing it around is a great way to keep Coco Chanel closer to your heart. Configured with 3,5 cm diameter, this medallion is waiting for a necklace to the height of his presence to ennoble your outfit.

Camelia black onyx necklace
Far from showing a bling-bling look, this camellia necklace is a marvel of Chanel jewelery. The house is known for its choices regarding the materials of its jewelry making. This necklace is the proof through its ceramic materials, in onyx and white gold 18 carat. Playing the score of a sober jewel, this pendant necklace is no less elegant. Right here, no need for the Chanel logo. The purists of the brand will immediately capture the meaning of its pattern in black camellia flower.

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