Chanel bag charm

Chanel bag charm

Chanel has always known the importance of creating fashion accessories that are both stylish and functional. This is evidenced by the fact that women need these accessories to complement their looks and affirm their identities. Although enriching your wardrobe by constantly buying new outfits is not affordable for everyone, embellishing your style, by complementing it with Chanel jewelry, is a good way to add some flavor to the same old outfit. Since day one, Coco Chanel has always been bold in the design and creation of her masterpieces. Furthermore, this is testified to by a few of the jewels that can be found in our collection below.

Bag Jewelry by Chanel – Chanel Bag Jewelry
As an adored feminine accessory, bag jewelry has been gaining popularity over the course of recent years. Its creators have tenaciously dubbed them “bag jewelry”, although these stylish accessories can equally be used to embellish keychains, evening bags, and even briefcases. When you purchase one of these Chanel accessories, you’ll quickly learn that they are not simply meant to enhance the look of your leather wares. You’ll be free to use your imagination and find other creative uses for them as well. Here, at Joli Closet, we are proud to offer a wide range of second-hand bag jewelry from Chanel, all in perfect “like-new” condition. Designed to refine your style even further, these luxury accessories are crafted from several different materials that range from resin and other hard plastics to gold and silver. So, if you find that your purse is missing some spice, or just seems too plain, complementing it with Chanel bag jewelry is a great way to give it more presence. Furthermore, each one of our pieces is carefully looked over by our designers who ensure that they are authentic and in perfect condition.

The Double C Keychain with Rhinestones
Covered in rhinestones, this stunning piece of bag jewelry pairs perfectly with almost any bag. The brilliant shine of the double C is guaranteed to enhance your confidence since yes, you are wearing the prominent Chanel name. The keychain part is styled in a matte color which offers a sobering contrast to the sparking double C logo. Together, the ensemble forms a timeless fashion accessory which perfectly balances aesthetic and elegance.

The Chanel Bag Holder
More than just a simple piece of jewelry, this bag holder is versatile and practical without taking away from the chic style that is so dear to the Chanel namesake. This stylish accessory is discreetly adorned in black, on which you'll find the classic double C logo so magnificently engraved in white. This little gadget by Chanel will lend you the perfect helping hand when it comes to discreetly hanging your bag out of site. Because carrying your purse around with you is not always practical, especially in times when you need your hands and shoulders free. With this convenient bag holder, this will never be an issue again. Simply install the bag holder on any surface and you’ll instantly be able to hang your purse out of sight. In just seconds, you'll have your hands free for whatever other tasks that the day holds for you.

The Mini-Gloss Keychain in Black and Red
Need to quickly adjust your eyeliner or quickly do your makeup? Then, look no further than this mini-gloss keychain by Chanel. In addition to relieving your pockets from having to carry your keys around, it also offers a small square mirror stamped with the Chanel logo. Meticulously created while following all the rules of the art, this bag jewel captivates the sense with its sense of realism. Although this piece is more practical than anything else, it’s mini-gloss design is tinted in red and gives it a glamorous side as well.

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