Chanel long necklace

Chanel long necklace

While some create magnificent works for their time, others impact the world by creating influential trends that continue to transcend the ages. Coco Chanel is one of those names that continues to influence the world with trends that are both luxurious and exquisite. She manages to touch our senses by drawing on our taste for beauty and infuses our lives with an exacerbated lightheartedness. Chanel’s impeccable beauty is capable of inspiring delight and even healing the soul. This brand first saw the light of day in 1909 and formalized the independence of women with its inception. Although the genius of her art remains a mystery, the world of fashion has been hugely enriched by countless fashion innovations and trends exemplified by Chanel brand. One of the accessories that have become a distinct hallmark of the brand is the long necklace. On top of its function as a beautiful fashion accessory, it has also become a symbol of feminine power. Although this necklace is not an original creation of the brand, Chanel has had the merit of bringing it up-to-date and making it an object of affirmation for women around the world. Today, the long necklace feeds masculine fantasies, inspires confidence and adds volume when worn over a shirt or solid color dress.

Used Long Necklaces by Chanel – Cheap Chanel Necklaces
No matter what materials are used to create a Chanel necklace, they always convey the essential values of the renown French name. Mademoiselle Chanel always kept luxury and finesse as the cornerstone of the brand’s collections. Joli Closet continuously searches for used fashion accessories that are 100% defect-free and in perfect “like new” condition. Our necklaces are all inspected by our experts who are there to ensure authenticity and quality. Made from chains of rhinestones, real pearls, gold, silver and other luxury materials, used Chanel necklaces brought to you by Joli Closet come in a variety of sizes. Somewhere between a chain and a pendant, these long necklaces are designed to be wrapped one or more times around the neck and can sport a pendant or not. Depending on the length of the necklace or the size of its motif, you’ll be able to choose to wear them alone or in combination with another necklace. In Joli Closet’s collection, you’ll find rare collector pieces that come in a variety of colors. Two of our favorites are the long necklace by Chanel with an encrusted pendant or the white and black ruthenium pearl necklace.

Chanel long Necklaces with Encrusted Pendant
As a rare piece, this long necklace is made of a 90 cm chain flanked by the tradition Chanel logo and features a beautiful pendant. The whole necklace is cast in stainless steel and plated in real silver. Moreover, the classic logo and the pendant are encrusted with stellar pieces of clear crystal. The combination of silver and crystal give the necklace a luminous shine that emphasizes the luxurious character of the ensemble.

Black and White Pearl long Necklace from Chanel
This pearl necklace inscribes itself into the tradition of the luxury brand with the classic duality of black and white. The pearls are selected in different sizes and are assembled in an alternating pattern to help break up visual monotony. To add to this liveliness, the necklace is also tinted in two-thirds of the same color. The necklace’s clasp is enhanced by a rear chain at the end of which hangs a single black pearl. The large exterior collar is adorned with four of the brand’s classic claws, while the interior collar sports two. The claws are cast in ruthenium, a rare variety of platinum, and are each one made up of two intercrossed C’s.

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