Chanel scarves

Chanel scarves

Over the years, the way that we wear our scarves has evolved. Back in the 60’s, the likes of Jacky Kennedy and Grace Kelly were often seen wearing a scarf tied graciously around their necks. However, today, they’re found enhancing hairstyles and knotted around wrists as bracelets. Some even take things a step further and the most audacious fashionistas can be found wearing them around their waists as a bottom. And, when it comes to creating stunning fashion accessories used to refine a woman’s style, Chanel is certainly not left out. Through their skilled mastery of hand-sewn fashions, Chanel has always created charming masterpieces that has allowed them to transcend throughout the years. For decades, the fashion house has extended itself far beyond the neighborhood in Paris where it began and has now extended its reaches into all 4 corners of the world. It’s a well-known fact that Chanel belongs in the world of luxury fashions. Their expertise and know-how has proven this time and time again, and this can be seen in their collection of simple, yet elegant scarves. For Chanel, their meticulous attention to detail has pushed them to the limits of fashion possibilities which leaves us wondering where they’ll take us next.

Affordable Second-Hand Scarves by Chanel
Joli Closet offers you a variety of second-hand scarves, designed and crafted in the workshops of the most famous designers of Chanel’s fashion house. Whether it’s tying them graciously in your hair for a walk on the beach or wrapping them around your neck for a quick lunch out with friends, there are plenty of Chanel scarves in our collection that are sure to please even your deepest desires. Chanel’s fashion designers are constantly at war with each other’s imaginations to create the next trend. With patterns ranging from discreet images to bold and colorful patterns, there are guaranteed to be styles that will match anyone’s taste. Most of Chanel’s scarves are cut elegantly from silk or cotton. These materials were dear to Miss Chanel herself and have helped characterize the brand’s ability to keep up with other styles that are just as light and refined. Always keeping up with the times, these scarves transcend the years and have established themselves in all areas of fashion for good.

At Joli Closet, the quality and authenticity of our luxury items are always our top priorities. Also, in addition to authenticating, our experts meticulously inspect each piece and ensure to take note of any defects which gives you peace of mind at the time of your purchase. Our collection of pre-owned Chanel accessories will take you on a wild ride through the universe of luxury fashion and will leave you with a hunger for new adventures.

The Camellia Scarf by Chanel
The camellia was Coco Chanel’s favorite flower and was chosen as the perfect motif for this stunning white and brown scarf. It’s representation of one of nature’s works of art, is a fitting tribute to the famous founder of the esteemed fashion house. The scarf’s combination of simple and chic colors plays on hints of discretion, which will add the perfect scent of refinement to your evening outfit. Furthermore, the expertise of the house’s designers can be found in the scarf’s hand-rolled finish.

The Red and Black Pareo by Chanel
Despite its larger size, this pareo by Chanel can easily be worn around the neck as an oversized scarf. The pareo’s dark color speckled with red dots gives this accessory its charm and confirms it as a true hallmark of the famed fashion house. Furthermore, their savvy selection of contrasting colors captivates the eye and is sure to draw the attention of onlookers wherever you go.

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