Chanel gloves

Chanel gloves

When we hear people talking about gloves in fashion, we automatically think of the royal personalities of Europe. Maybe the Queen or a beautiful princess, wearing a radiant smile and a gloved hand raised upwards as a salute to the people. Since ancient times, gloves have always been an essential accessory of the upper class and are often associated with this certain level of nobility. This can be accredited to the clergy members of the middle-ages who wore gloves not so much for their style or look, but rather to keep their hands clean during rites and other religious ceremonies. Then, on the other hand, in their most rudimentary form, gloves are used by laborers and tradesmen to protect their hands from dirt and injury during their work day. In terms of beauty and seduction, the use of gloves as a fashion accessory isn’t quite as trendy as it once way. However, this only adds to the mythical nobility of the glove for all those who are looking to perpetuate its usage time less character. The classic image of a woman removing her glove with a delicacy and elegance once seated at the opera is the perfect way to illustrate the charm and prestige associated with the use of this accessory.

As one of the most luxurious fashion brands in the world, Chanel has set themselves apart through the exquisite quality of their works, as well as contributing to establishing the glove’s almost mythical status. Coco Chanel herself, the founder of the fashion house had a soft spot for the elegance of the glove as can be witnessed in many of her photographs. The charm of this stylish accessory is also upheld by many of the social standards that surround it and its use. For example, a slap in the face from a gloved hand is considered a great insult and challenge to a duel, and during the middle age, throwing your gloves down at the enemy’s feet was a sign of defiance. On another note, in more recent times, a kiss on the hand has required women to remove their gloves to allow contact with the lips of the man who is courting her. Cultivating and refining the seductive power of the glove has been one of Chanel’s obsessions since the company first opened its doors on Cambon Street in Paris. In each one of their pieces, the brand seeks to sublimate the body, mind and spirit of their clients, as well as filling their lives with poetic bliss and eternal joie de vivre. As always, Chanel has picked and chosen to offer all the essentials needed to enlighten every aspect of a woman’s attire. As for their gloves, they’ve used from of the finest materials which have stood up to the test of time, all the while maintaining their freshness and original seductive appeal. Additionally, over the years, the brand has developed a permanent and disruptive style which has placed them at the head of the 20th and 21st century fashion industries.

Previously Owned Chanel Gloves at Affordable Prices
Chanel is no ordinary fashion brand and it’s not always easy to get your hands on their products. Their products are often counterfeited and can sometimes be found at prices which exceed the cost of an authentic Chanel. As a solution to this problem, Joli Closet only offers second-hand Chanel gloves that have been examined and authenticated by our specialists. For you, we have created a collection of affordable Chanel gloves that will work to affirm your style and ennoble your true personality. For example, take these ravishing Chanel gloves at first sight, you’ll instantly be sold on their idea.

The Bold Black Lace Chanel Gloves
Crafted form the softest leather available, these black gloves by Chanel will leave you feeling as if your hand had just been kissed by Prince Charming himself. They leave your fingers feeling free and comfortably allow your hands to breath. On the upper surface of the hand, delicate lace is elegantly sewn into the stunning black leather of the glove. The gloves leather’s finish combined with its exquisite lace gives both the glove and your hand unparalleled style which is sure to be the talk of the town. On the inside of the glove, near the base of the wrist, you’ll find the classic double C logo printed in gold which cuts like a knife against the black color of the glove and completes the prestige of the piece.

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